RAINS unveils its fall-winter 2023 thermal collection

RAINS dévoile sa collection thermique automne-hiver 2023 - HYTRAPE

RAINS Unveils its Fall-Winter 2023 Thermal Collection

The clothing brand RAINS has just launched its new thermal collection for fall-winter 2023. This collection is distinguished by five outerwear series, each designed to withstand different types of weather conditions. From feather-free technology to high waterproof specifications, the collection offers a variety of styles and features.

Alta: Reliability par Excellence

The Alta series is the spearhead of the collection, known for its reliability in cold conditions. It uses feather-free chamber technology to provide optimal thermal insulation.

Bator: Elegance and Resistance

The Bator series is characterized by its clean silhouettes and large quilted rooms. Each piece is designed with high wind and water resistance, while keeping the wearer warm and dry.

Harbin: A Stylized Twist on Traditional Down Jackets

Harbin brings a very stylized interpretation of traditional down jackets. With a contemporary and oversized aesthetic, this series is distinguished by its amplified branding and large padded pockets.

Kevo: Sports Luxury

The Kevo series is distinguished by its smooth exteriors and reverse quilted features. It is also the only line in the collection to incorporate patterns, including a camouflage print seen on down jackets, bombers and mittens.

Vardo: Minimalism and Functionality

The Vardo series is equipped with the highest waterproof specifications in the collection and features a minimalist-chic design. The fold-over hoods are another notable feature, adding extra functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.

The collection is now available for purchase on the brand's official website.