Rêveur Lucide, where the label that is one step ahead

Rêveur Lucide, où le label qui a une longueur d'avance - HYTRAPE

A few weeks ago, we discovered the label Rêveur Lucide , founded by Victor Pellerin and we absolutely had to introduce it to you. Adjustable bombers, utility pants and 3D glasses - suffice to say that just like Maluma, Nemir or SCH, we really fell in love with these pieces merging streetwear and architectural influences. No wonder, when we know that architectural giants such as Le Corbusier and Zaha Hadid, as well as Andy Warhol's modern art movement, are pillars of inspiration for the young designer.

“I imagine clothing as a temporary home for one’s body.”


If imagination weaves the intrigue of storytelling, it is between dream and lucidity that Victor instills an ambivalent vision, where each piece becomes a means of freely expressing one's inner world. Combining comfort and practicability, the creations made in France and in small quantities are intended to reflect a commitment to quality. Operating locally, from leathers to jeans, including mesh and nylons, each product is carefully crafted in its production studio located in Île-de-France, equipped with machines dating from the 80s and 90s. True to its approach artisanal, the creator perseveres to maintain proximity to manufacturing and thus preserve the original essence of the label. In terms of materials, the choice goes beyond borders. Working with French partners for leathers and other elements, he also draws on the richness of Japanese culture. This is how denim and cotton are imported and reworked here, creating a fusion of the two distinct influences.

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Ahead Of The Curve 

Each season, the creative process is updated, refining the pieces like a good wine that gains flavor as it ages. Laser engraving on leather and denim, as well as washing techniques, before or after construction, add a definitive vintage touch. The latest Ahead Of The Curve collection , teased on the brand's Instagram and which is already catching our eye, is inspired by La Fontaine's famous fable The Tortoise and the Hare . Illustrating constant resilience and questioning the way in which everyone positions themselves to be one step ahead, in this creative race, Victor pursues a clear objective: to be able to bring out his creations in ten years and still appreciate them just as much.


“I like to create something timeless that will transcend through time.” 

And not only that, since the creator, as benevolent towards the environment in which he works as with his clients, also wants to transmit a symbol of unity and accessibility through Rêveur Lucide . Historically, the Parisian label has been a predominantly men's wardrobe, but over time, Victor and his team of enthusiasts wanted to unify the genders by introducing cuts specially designed for women.


A series of new bags, created with the aim of suiting everyone, completes this hybrid vision and the desire to share is also expressed through tailor-made pieces. From this new collection, the brand also offers more accessible products such as mini gloves (€40), with the aim of reaching a younger clientele.


The underlying idea is to promote cohesion and create a real community, symbolized by the opening of his studio, where he can receive clients a few days a week.

Victor and his team are waiting for you at 28 Rue Faidherbe, 75011, Paris. The opportunity to discover the new collection and shop your new favorite pieces.

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Written by Camille Noel Djaleb ( cosycam )