Rimowa, the suitcase for the demanding traveler

Rimowa, la valise du voyageur exigeant

Rimowa is a German high-quality luggage brand, founded in 1898 in Cologne by Paul Morszeck . For more than a century, it has stood out for its innovative design, cutting-edge technology and incomparable performance. Rimowa is today one of the houses of the LVMH group, the world leader in luxury.

The story of Rimowa begins with a fire. In 1937, the brand's factory was ravaged by flames, which destroyed the stock of wood used to make the suitcases. Only aluminum is fire resistant. The son of the founder, Richard Morszeck , then decided to create the first suitcase made entirely of aluminum, light and robust. He added parallel grooves inspired by aircraft of the time, which would become the brand's signature.

Over the years, Rimowa has continued to innovate to meet the needs of the most demanding travelers. In 1976, it launched the first waterproof case to protect professional equipment from extreme conditions.

In 2000, it introduced the first luggage made of polycarbonate, a durable and flexible material. In 2001, it perfected its patented Multiwheel system, which allows suitcases to roll effortlessly in all directions. In 2006, it adopted TSA locks, recognized worldwide for facilitating security checks.

Rimowa is also renowned for its prestigious collaborations with renowned brands and artists. Among them, we can cite United Arrows , a Japanese fashion brand with which Rimowa has created several collections of suitcases with original colors and patterns. Bape , a Japanese streetwear brand with which Rimowa created camouflaged suitcases.

Porsche , a German luxury car brand with which Rimowa designed a limited edition suitcase inspired by Porsche 911s. Anti Social Social Club , an American streetwear brand with which Rimowa produced a black suitcase decorated with a glittery pink logo.

Or Dior , a French haute couture house with which Rimowa has developed a range of luggage and accessories with refined finishes.

Rimowa is more than just a luggage brand.

It is a travel icon, which combines tradition and modernity, functionality and elegance, quality and durability. It is the choice of travelers seeking excellence.

But how are these exceptional suitcases made? What are the secrets of their manufacture?

To find out, you have to go to Cologne, Germany, where the house's historic factory is located. This is where aluminum models are born, which require around 1,000 steps, 200 components and 50 craftsmen.

It all starts with aluminum coils that operators will transform into sheets. These sheets are then folded to form the shell of the luggage. The characteristic grooves are made using a special process that guarantees their solidity and uniformity. The corners are reinforced with aluminum parts riveted to the hull.

The exterior elements (handles, wheels, locks) are assembled by hand on the luggage.

The interior is equipped with flexible dividers and straps to keep contents in place. Final cleaning ensures the removal of fingerprints and dust. Quality control verifies that each suitcase meets the brand's high standards. Boxing completes the process and allows the product to be shipped to its destination.

Each suitcase is therefore the fruit of artisanal know-how and constant innovation. This is what makes Rimowa a unique and essential brand in the world of travel.

Written by Yeazzy.

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