Roland-Garros or the epicenter of tennis fashion: a true representation of style and sport

Roland-Garros ou l’épicentre de la mode tennis : véritable représentation de style et de sport - HYTRAPE

On the clay court of Roland-Garros , which just ended on June 11, it is the skills and endurance of the greatest athletes that are put to the test. However, the attraction is not limited to the playing field. The fashion aspect of this flagship event is equally captivating. Striking iconic outfits, tournament influences on current trends, the meeting of fashion and sport creates a fascinating aesthetic spectacle that goes beyond the limits of the court.

An impactful past

It is impossible to discuss the influence of Roland-Garros on fashion without mentioning the iconic Suzanne Lenglen. As early as the 1920s, she attracted attention not only for her aggressive play, but also for her silk headbands, pleated skirts and wool cardigans designed by the famous fashion house Patou. Her innovative outfits not only changed the approach to fashion in tennis, but also set a precedent for female athletes across the world.

Also, the immortal René Lacoste, saw his contribution to tennis go beyond the boundaries of sport to reshape the casual wardrobe. Lacoste introduced the breathable cotton polo shirt to the world of tennis, a revolution which not only brought comfort and practicality to players, but has become an integral part of our wardrobes, even today. The house, which has deep roots in the tournament, continues to play a key role in defining the Roland-Garros style. While honoring its heritage, it offers contemporary tournament-inspired outfits that are both bold and sophisticated. Each year, the brand's new collections celebrate the elegance and dynamism of the event, echoing the passion and energy of the tournament.

Modern collaborations

Current fashion at the French Open continues to celebrate its heritage, including with influential fashion brands embracing the momentum of this historic event. These are Nike, Adidas and Uniqlo who team up with players to create tennis outfits combining style and performance. These collaborations create a dynamic flow of new trends, demonstrating how fashion and sports can enrich each other.

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Fashion among the spectators

The stands become a showcase of summer fashion, with outfits that oscillate between casual and subtle sophistication. Must-have items range from flowy dresses and well-cut jeans to classic tennis skirts and striped polo shirts.

The union of functionality and aesthetics

The importance of design in the functional aspect of tennis outfits should not be underestimated. Every element, from fabrics to patterns, is carefully considered to maximize performance while expressing personal style. Modern tennis outfits, for example, often use technical fabrics that provide optimal breathability and freedom of movement. These innovations, while being practical for gamers, have also found their way into everyday fashion, providing comfort without compromising style.

Brands have also begun to explore more sustainable initiatives, reflecting a broader trend in the fashion industry towards more environmentally friendly practices. Outfits made from recycled materials or sustainable production techniques are becoming more common, showing that fashion and sport can be both bold and conscious of their impact on the planet.

It's clear that French Open fashion is much more than just a style statement. It represents a unique fusion of sporting performance and personal expression, a place where sport and fashion meet to create something truly exceptional. Thus, Roland-Garros continues to challenge norms, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of sports fashion.