Supreme x Corteiz: Historic collaboration in the world of streetwear

Supreme x Corteiz : Collaboration historique dans l'univers du streetwear - HYTRAPE

The recent announcement of a collaboration between Supreme and Corteiz shook the world of streetwear, marking a strategic and symbolic alliance between two giants of urban fashion. On one side, Supreme, the New York legend recognized for his iconic collaborations and his undeniable influence on street culture. On the other, Corteiz, the rising London label, which has captivated a loyal audience thanks to its bold marketing strategies and unique aesthetic.

This collaboration, which seems almost inevitable, is a meeting of philosophies, styles and influences, redefining contemporary streetwear. It brings together the proven experience of Supreme and the innovative energy of Corteiz in a harmonious blend.

The Key Pieces of Collaboration

At the heart of this collaboration are key pieces: a hoodie and a t-shirt. These items feature the revamped slogan "Supreme Rules the World", a clever nod to Corteiz's original slogan, symbolizing the perfect blend of Corteiz's boldness and Supreme's iconicity. To highlight this collection, the brands called on influential figures from rap and skateboarding, such as Freeze Corleone and Sage Elsesser. The campaign, captured by photographer Walid Labri, perfectly embodies the spirit of this collaboration, blending the raw aesthetic of London with the cult aura of Supreme.

Availability and Launch Strategy

The collection will be available from December 21, 2023. The t-shirt will be on sale on, while the hoodie will be available at a pop-up in London, the address of which will be revealed shortly before the event . This launch strategy, typical of Corteiz, adds an element of surprise and exclusivity, increasing the appeal of these already highly coveted pieces.

Impact and Significance of Collaboration

With their complementary aesthetics and passionate communities, this collaboration is not only a major event for streetwear fans, but also an important milestone in the continued evolution of urban fashion.

Fans of Supreme and Corteiz, as well as fashion lovers in general, should pay particular attention to this collection. It promises not only to make an impression, but also to define future trends in the world of streetwear.

The enthusiasm generated by this collaboration is palpable. Urban fashion fans express their excitement and high expectations for this union. Many fans are sharing their hopes on what pieces they would like to see in the collection, ranging from tracksuits to unique accessories. This excitement testifies to the importance of this collaboration in the streetwear fashion ecosystem, and the impact that Supreme and Corteiz have had on their respective communities.