Swatch and OMEGA present the MoonSwatch Moonshine: Homage to the cold moon

Swatch et OMEGA présentent la MoonSwatch Moonshine : Hommage à la lune froide - HYTRAPE

Swatch Unveils its New MoonSwatch Moonshine Inspired by the Cold Moon Featuring an OMEGA Moonshine™ Gold seconds hand.

To close out 2023, Swatch has revealed the latest addition to its ever-growing collection of MoonSwatch watches: the Mission to the Moon.

Inspired by the luminous glow of the moon in a deep blue sky, this watch features an exclusive yellow gold alloy hand, which the company produces once a month during full moons. “This Mission to the Moon features an OMEGA Moonshine™ Gold second hand adorned with a snowflake motif, in homage to the Cold Moon, and a secret detail that glows in the dark,” revealed Swatch on Instagram, presenting the design.

This watch marks the latest entry in the MoonSwatch line, which has seen a new iteration every month since March of this year. Notably, this Cold Moon version joins popular models like the one based on Neptune, launched in August.

The Mission to the Moon features a Velcro strap and bioceramic case, measuring 42mm in diameter and 13.25mm thick. The device works with a quartz movement and offers water resistance of three bars.

The Swatch Mission to the Moon watch will be available for purchase in select Swatch boutiques starting December 27. The price of this coin is set at 300 USD. Take a closer look at the design in the gallery above. More information is available on the dedicated Swatch webpage.