10 Free VST Plugins You Can’t Miss in 2023

10 plugins VST gratuits à ne pas manquer en 2023 - HYTRAPE

While many high-end plugins can cost a small fortune, there are also a plethora of free plugins that offer equally impressive sound quality and variety.

In 2023, these free plugins have reached an unprecedented level of sophistication and creativity. We tested 10 really hot VST plugins.

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  1. Ruina by Noise Engineering : An interesting distortion plugin that can radically transform the sound.

  2. Pocket Dimension by Freakshow Industries : A plugin that produces strange and unique sound effects.

  3. CRMBL by UnplugRed : A delay plugin that offers a variety of effects, including distortion and pitch shifting.

  4. Prisma by UnplugRed : A multiband distortion plugin that allows you to apply different types of distortion to different frequency bands.

  5. Red Bass by UnplugRed : A plugin that boosts low frequencies to give a more powerful and punchy sound.

  6. GOYO by Supertone : A plugin that cleans the voice of unnecessary ambient noise and reverberation.

  7. Neutone by Qosmo : A plugin that uses machine learning to transform sounds into different sounds.

  8. Place It by Soundly : A plugin that allows you to simulate the sound of an instrument or sound in different environments, such as a bathroom, a car, etc.

  9. Minimeters : A plugin that displays a waveform of the sound coming out of the Minimeters server.

  10. APU Loudness Meter by APU Software : A plugin that measures loudness and displays a waveform of the sound.

Whether you're an experienced music producer or a beginner, these plugins offer an incredible range of tools to enhance and customize your sound. From distortion to noise removal to waveform visualization, these free plugins offer quality and variety that rival their paid counterparts. So, don't hesitate to try them and see how they can transform your music production.