8 Beatmakers/Samplemakers to follow in 2023 (PART.2)

8 Beatmakers/Samplemakers à suivre en 2023 (PART.2) - HYTRAPE


Dofla, a young composer from Marseille aged 18, discovered his passion for musical production by chance in 2020. Having already practiced drums since the age of 6, he had never thought of creating his own music.

However, when his cousin showed him FL Studio, Dofla was immediately won over by this new experience.

Dofla started producing little by little and first published beats on YouTube. Throughout his apprenticeship, he met people who accelerated his rise.

In 2021, this is where he meets his current collaborators, all the members of the “Les Diezz” collective, including Tsukii, Brido, Guyzzi, Thresu and Greg Josse. That year, Dofla experienced a big evolution as he connected with other artists and got his first placements.

When it comes to Dofla's musical influences, he owes them mainly to his parents and family. Indeed, he listens to a wide variety of musical genres and appreciates various groups such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, System of a Down, Radiohead and Muse.

It was only in 2015/2016 that he became more interested in rap, particularly emerging American artists from the SoundCloud scene, as well as French rappers such as PNL and SCH.


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Daddyjo, originally from Paris, is a musical composer who has worked with several artists such as 1pliké, Chily, Joysad, Tiakola, J9ueve and Thahomey.

Although his passion for music composition only recently began in January 2021, Daddyjo quickly became passionate about this field. In addition to composing, he also plays drums and some piano, which he taught himself in church as a boy, and has recently started playing guitar.

Growing up in an Ivorian family partly made up of musicians, Daddyjo has always been immersed in the world of music. His musical tastes are mainly oriented towards classical music, offbeat coupe, as well as American and French rap.

Although he does not have a specific source of inspiration for his current productions, he greatly admires Kanye West and Ryan Leslie.

Thanks to the Discord platform, Daddyjo quickly accelerated his art by benefiting from the advice of people more experienced than him. He also developed strong professional and friendly relationships with collaborators met on this platform, with whom he still works today.


Medams, a 21-year-old young artist from Brittany, started producing music after the second confinement when he finally had a computer adapted for this purpose at the age of 19. Since then, he has locked himself away day and night in FL Studio, devoting himself to his passion for two years.

In terms of influence, he mainly mentions Laylow and French and American underground rap. More recently, he is inspired by Lunchbox, Redda, Benjicold and Brakence, to whom he listens a lot.

Medams worked solo for a year before founding, with Mute, “EMPHASIS”, a collective which accelerated his career.

He also met Amxnium with whom he produced around 60% of his productions. He currently collaborates with Subtik and Htrip, with whom he works a lot.

When it comes to sound design, he is very meticulous and has teamed up with Trois and Esper to develop a unique sound.

In terms of style, he touches on everything from simple trap to supertrap, hyperpop/core, electro/techno and even experimental sounds.

Outside of music, Medams is discreet but works with many artists, from the biggest to the smallest.

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Zirconium, a young 17-year-old producer from Tourcoing, started making music during confinement.

Not knowing what to do with these days, he decides to sit in front of GarageBand on his old tablet to kill time.

He later got a computer and started using FL Studio, music production software. At the beginning, Zirconium met several artists, including @sl16.16, with whom he collaborated for his first productions and the HeavyBounceClub collective of which he is now a part.

About a year ago, Zirconium wanted to expand his musical horizons and started listening to new sounds on SoundCloud, including future beat, DnB and jungle. He began to develop his own musical style from there.

Although he cannot describe his style of music precisely, he strives to offer very diverse sounds while maintaining a spontaneous structure in his compositions.

Zirconium continues his musical journey and hopes to continue developing his style and collaborating with other artists.

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Bjay, 18 years old and originally from Brest, discovered his passion for music at a young age while playing drums with his cousin who was a guitarist. One day, his cousin introduced him to beatmaking by sharing his own productions with him.

Bjay then got serious about creating his own music and invested in equipment to compose in his bedroom. He explored different musical genres such as electro, trap, drill and RnB before finding his own musical style.

The young artist decided to share his creations on his YouTube channel, which allowed him to gradually make himself known. He also opened an Instagram account, which gave him the opportunity to meet other beatmakers he has collaborated with, including Aureo and GBZ. This experience opened new horizons for Bjay and encouraged him to create ever more experimental and original productions.

Bjay has also made connections with rappers, particularly Owen, who works with and manages him.

Today, he is aiming to create pieces in his image and to go beyond placements to have a real artistic direction through future singles and projects, while continuing to feed his YouTube channel to gain visibility.


Lucas, 24, is a Parisian composer, known as Madj, he has been working in the music industry for five years now. He began making productions for a small rap collective before discovering the world of SoundCloud music.

Since then, he has worked mainly in the French rap landscape, collaborating with a multitude of other artists. He also releases his own projects, mainly in the instrumental style, but also with some vocal appearances.

In 2020, Madj released her first instrumental project titled “Journey,” which had a space theme. He then released an EP in collaboration with five performing artists, called “Plasma”, which was followed the same year by a small RnB/Trapsoul remix EP, only available on SoundCloud, called “Deep Views”.

In 2022, he released “HALF,” an instrumental EP featuring vocal appearances and collaborations with his beatmaker friends.

Lucas has many more or less volatile sources of inspiration such as Michael Jackson, Kaytranada, Sam Gellaitry, Josman, Hamza and hip-hop in general, as well as the people he works with.

Madj: “My music, I just want it to be a reflection of my personality, that it touches people, that they can identify with it, and ultimately not disguise it for X or Y fashion/trend, etc.” .

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In Paris, a 14-year-old musical prodigy named Epsia started producing about two or three years ago. He started on GarageBand before moving to FL Studio. It is open to different genres of music such as rap, R&B, jazz, soul, etc.

Regarding composition, he likes to create different styles of music such as jazzy samples, dark or melancholic productions, but this can limit him because it does not allow him to develop his own musical style.

Currently, Epsia is exploring various musical options and enjoys creating, because for him, that is what matters most. He collaborated with samplemakers and beatmakers from the group: “Les Diezz”, such as Brido, Thresu, Plana, etc.

In his productions, he does not seek to convey a particular message and instead lets the listener interpret his music on how it looks.

Epsia has already managed to make a name for himself in the Parisian music scene, even though he is only 14 years old. He continues to work hard to develop his own style, without limiting himself to just one genre of music.

We can expect to see Epsia continue to excel in music production in the years to come.

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Kiddy, a 19-year-old music producer, is a rising personality in the world of music production. With seven years of experience in the industry, he began creating tracks for SoundCloud.

His productions were mainly electronic music and trap, characterized by their technicality pushed to the extreme. Kiddy spent a lot of time experimenting before finding his personal artistic style.

Since the beginning of his career, Kiddy's goal has always been singular to create sounds that stand out from the rest. On his SoundCloud account, you can find more experimental pieces that suffer from this desire to stand out.

Currently, Kiddy works with artists, mainly rappers, to make his style known in this environment. He has already had the chance to collaborate with artists such as Jul, Morad, Beeby, Yseult and Leto, which has allowed his name to become better known in the music industry.

Kiddy is a talented young music producer who has found his personal artistic style after many years of experimentation.

With successful collaborations and renowned artists, he is on the right track to becoming a key figure in music production.

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