AAMO: The artist who redefines Swiss rap

AAMO : L'artiste qui redéfinit le rap suisse - HYTRAPE

AAMO is a young rapper from Geneva, Switzerland, who is part of the creative collective NGC 1976, which brings together artists, sound engineers, beatmakers, directors and photographers. He is known for his unique style, his technical mastery and his sharp flow which pairs perfectly with his calm, sometimes whispery voice. Influenced by rappers such as Joke and Alpha Wann, AAMO surprised the music scene with his mastery and originality.

He released a first project entitled “Sur Ma Lancée” which exceeded one million streams in just a few months. He also collaborated with other artists like Mairo and Yvnnis and gave concerts across France. Recently, he released new songs, including "Sundance."

AAMO is particularly appreciated for its well-established visual universe. For example, his “SML” music video is remarkable for its lighting effects and its numerous visual effects, creating an original street aesthetic. His writing is as dazzling as it is impactful, and he is known for his aggressiveness and his convictions against the rap industry.

AAMO: Dive into its New Project “LAKEHOUSE SEASON”

AAMO is set to make waves with its new project "LAKEHOUSE SEASON", scheduled for release on June 15, 2023. This project promises to be another exciting exploration of AAMO's creativity and innovation.

“LAKEHOUSE SEASON” is a project that promises to captivate listeners with its musical diversity and lyrical depth. The project stars Slimka and Yvnnis, and was produced by a talented team including 5bobble, AUDIOHASH, Louis Marguier, Petit Bison, $CO (CHE), Sonny Rave and Tsukii. The project was mastered by Jack Palmer and mixed by AAMO and Romain Milcent, ensuring high-level sound quality.

The project includes tracks such as "GO!", "RAVEROTIC", "COLD HEART" and "NO STRESS", which promise to captivate us with their unique blend of rhythms and introspective lyrics. “LAKEHOUSE SEASON” is a reflection of AAMO’s commitment to innovation and creativity in their music. He continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in rap.