Angie: Her ode to love

Angie : Son ode à l’amour - HYTRAPE

“That doesn’t worry you? That someone could love me elsewhere? For me, that’s ouch…” 

These words are surely not unknown to you. They reflect the voice of Angie, an ultra-talented young singer, who has the gift of putting our emotions into words. His melodies are honey for our ears. We had the opportunity to meet her and it was relaxed, with a smile on her lips, that she gave us the recipe for her heady music, inviting us to explore every corner of our feelings and to discover how she manages to touch as much our hearts.

Love is an integral part of your world. Does music allow you to reveal emotions that you would hesitate to express in your daily life?

Love is absolutely an integral part of my life (haha)! The only way I found to tell the person in question what was on my heart, without going through conversations which, at the time, were not possible, was through music. Especially in Amoroso, where these are truly declarations of love.

In many interviews, you frequently mention your mother. How did she react when you told her you wanted to pursue a musical career? Does it play a role in your music and your way of writing?

I am very close to my mother and she always knew that I wanted to do music, I was 4-5 years old when I told her that I wanted to sing on stage. Moreover, at 18-19 years old, it was she who encouraged me to stop studying, to devote myself to what she knew was “my destiny”. My mother is everything at the same time, my best friend, my model, my reflection and what I tend to become. She inspires me enormously and introduced me to many artists, like Lauryn Hill, who has always been with me and until today. It is like a luminous and reassuring marker on the life path that I have decided to follow. His music changed my life, each speech, his voice full of emotions, his words so finely chosen. Everything about her makes sense, she has this precious ability to make everyone feel lots of things. I grew up seeing that, while feeling it, and I very quickly understood that I had to do that too.

In relation to your latest album released on April 14, you proclaimed yourself “Gigie L'Amoroso” and it also happens to be the title of a song by Dalida. Did this inspire you for the name of your project? Has Dalida been a source of inspiration in your musical career?

“Gigie l'Amoroso” already comes from my first name: Angie and I have always been super affectionate since I was little. My mother also listened to Dalida a lot, so calling me that came naturally. For the record, “L'Amoroso” was not supposed to be called that, but it really became a kind of identity card, a presentation of me. I couldn't find any more logic for my album. I don't know if she is a source of inspiration, but what is certain is that I have heard her music a lot in my life, in addition to the fact that one of her titles bears the name of my project . Which proves that it still matters a lot (haha)!

In “L'Amoroso”, a woman confides in you, sharing her life experiences, what message did you want to convey by using the voice of this woman who expresses a certain nostalgia and in particular her regrets?

What I wanted to integrate into this project is really what was useful to me: that is to say, I absolutely do not want to regret my life. It's true that now, it's a subject that constantly occupies my thoughts and this woman was the trigger for that. Unlike us, boys do what they want. I believe that it is essential for us women to have the advice of a sister, a mother, a grandmother. This woman stood in my path like God who would send me a message to explain to myself, and to all those who would hear this message, that it is essential to always choose and to live in a way that never regret his life. It's something I've held very close to my heart ever since.

You have once again shown us your versatility by mixing Rap and R&B. Is rap a way for you to show your determination, a certain temperament, while revealing that despite your weaknesses, you have an inner strength? Are there any other stories or messages you want to share through this musical style?

I consider that in all my titles, I express a certain strength, a self-confidence, even when I speak of love, in the words and turns of phrase that I use. But it's true that in rap, I clearly highlight my strength of character, while in R&B songs, I show more vulnerability. Overall, I always want to send the same message with my music, because even when I'm in badass mode, I'm still going to talk about love. I am sure of myself, I know my worth, that's really what I want to convey: everything is possible with confidence and love! Love is what makes everything possible.

You had the opportunity to open for Luidji. How did this meeting take place, and how did this experience enrich you as an artist?

This moment was incredible. I didn't realize that Luidji, in my personal life, would be such an important artist. I hadn't realized that it was going to be so emotionally charged and it was at the moment when I saw his audience welcoming me, supporting me that I realized the dream I was living. In addition to the fact that it was a wonderful time, he took the time to watch my performance and thanked me. Even if I have confidence in what I do, it is a real consecration. When I think about it, I still cry (haha).

A joint project with Lazuli will soon see the light of day. What unites you both in life and musically? What can we expect from this collaboration?

What unites us is truly love. I think we have the same intentions in what we do. We do everything we can to transmit good vibes to those who listen to us. When we make music together, it's fun. We are both here to have a good time, to create something. In life, she's really my friend, my sister, we have the same principles and the same values. I think what happens in this EP is something we needed. Things are moving, we're also talking about love, but we've mixed our energies, our worlds... I'm really looking forward to it.

Are there any artists at the moment, whether on the French or international scene, whose music you listen to and who have an influence on you?

Recently, the artist who has had the most influence on me is Ama Lou. I got a real slap in the face with his latest album “I Came Home Late”. I went to see her in concert and it was magical. I truly felt the best feeling you can get at a concert or while listening to music. Everything she said entered my heart and it was beautiful. She spoke for me about certain things and I really felt alive.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into music?

The first advice I would have to give is to ask yourself why you want to do it. Then, I would say that we must listen to each other and trust each other at all costs. Many people make music, but the only thing you can do differently is to do what you love, while remaining transparent and authentic, because that is what is unmistakable and will last over time. . Once you have the answer to why you want to do it, do it for you, on your own terms and with lots of love, please (haha)!

Thank you again Angie for this moment, we hope to see you again on stage very soon! In the meantime, you can listen to his latest project “L’Armoso” here:


His new feat single with Lazuli is available!

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Written by Camille Noel Djaleb (@cosycam)