“ATAVISTA” will be Childish Gambino’s next album

"ATAVISTA" sera le prochain album de Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino , also known as Donald Glover , recently revealed his upcoming album titled ATAVISTA .

This project is presented as an “updated” version of his last studio album, 3.15.20 , which recently celebrated its fourth anniversary. Attentive fans have noticed that ATAVISTA is essentially the correctly titled edition of 3.15.20 , but with some changes: the track "32.22" is not included in the tracklist shared by Gambino on social media, and his popular 2018 single, "Feels Like Summer" (titled "42.26" on 15/ 03/20), is replaced by “Human sacrifice”.

The original version of 3.15.20 was originally posted on Donald Glover's website, but it was removed 12 hours later and reappeared on official streaming services about a week later. The 13-track record included collaborations with artists such as Ariana Grande, Kadhja Bonet, 21 Savage and Ink, marking the artist's first full-length effort since her award-nominated album GRAMMYS , Awaken, My Love! , released in 2016.

 Written by Yeazzy.