Ateyaba: A journey through 'Life in Violet'

Ateyaba : Un voyage à travers 'La vie en Violet' - HYTRAPE

Ateyaba, formerly known as Joke, is a French rapper of Togolese and Spanish origin, born October 27, 1989 in Narbonne. He grew up in Montpellier, where he became interested in rap at a young age, influenced by artists such as Secteur Ä and Dr. Dre.

Ateyaba began his musical career by posting songs on Myspace, which led to him being spotted by Teki Latex of the group TTC. He then joined Stunts, a rap division of the Institubes label, and released his first street album "Ready for Money" in August 2009. After leaving Institubes, he continued to produce music independently, and earned gained notoriety with the release of the EP "Kyoto" in 2012.

His elegant and nonchalant style, combined with the use of crude terms, has been praised by critics, and he has been described as being "ahead of French rap". His debut album, “Ateyaba,” was released in 2014. Since then, he has continued to produce music, while remaining true to his unique style.

In 2022, he began teasing a new album called "La Vie En Violet". Ateyaba is known for his introspective and poetic approach to rap, and for his commitment to remaining true to himself and his artistic vision.

“Life in Violet”, Second album

“La vie en Violet” is the second album by French rapper Ateyaba, scheduled for release on July 14, 2023. This album is highly anticipated by fans and the rap community in general, because it would put an end to the last hopes of 'a release of the highly anticipated "Ultra Violet", announced since 2015.

The album “La vie en Violet” is an ambitious project that highlights Ateyaba’s talent and versatility. It includes collaborations with artists such as Young Nudy and producers such as Ateyaba himself, CashMoneyAP, flansie, FREAKEY!, High Klassified, JA7CEE, Kalani, KLOUDBWWOY, Mangojefe, Serafim and Variedy. The album is distributed by Universal Music France and Universal Music Group, and published by Capitol Records.

Among the titles of the album, we find "Shenron", "Angélique", "777", "Crazy Girls", "Ghana" (featuring Young Nudy), "Right now*", "Tassaba", "La life in Violet", "Tem" and "Finesse". However, the tracklist is yet to be confirmed and is subject to change. Each song is an exploration of different themes and emotions, with lyrics that are both poetic and realistic.

The album was mixed by Anthony Kilhoffer, a renowned audio engineer who has worked with artists such as Kanye West, Kid Cudi and Travis Scott. Kilhoffer's work has created a sound that is both clear and powerful, showcasing the lyrics and music of each song.

Introspection & thoughts

In an intimate and revealing interview with Hypebeast, Ateyaba, formerly known as Joke, shared his thoughts on his career, spirituality and evolution as an artist. The interview, conducted by Hanadi Mostefa, delved into the depths of the artist, revealing a man who has found peace within himself and is determined to follow his own path, regardless of industry expectations music.

Ateyaba spoke about his withdrawal from the public eye, explaining that he spent time searching within himself and understanding what he really wanted in life. He emphasized the importance of following one's intuition and "messages from above", a reference to one's deep spirituality. He also spoke about the impact of fatherhood on his life, describing how the birth of his daughter triggered a visceral fear that ultimately led him to deeper introspection.

The artist also discussed his connection to Africa, particularly Togo, his mother's country. He explained how his African roots influenced his music and personality, and how he always wanted to adopt his African first name, Ateyaba, as his stage name.

Regarding his music, Ateyaba revealed that he continued to create and record music during his absence from the public stage. He explained that he doesn't follow a schedule or deadlines, but trusts his intuition and the messages he receives.

Finally, Ateyaba spoke about his desire to leave France and continue making music, although he's not sure it will always be rap. He also expressed his desire for people to listen to themselves more and follow what attracts them, because that's what they are made to do.