Baby Neelou is back with “Le Chemin du Coeur”

Baby Neelou et l'art de la 'Bromance' : Une nouvelle ère du rap français - HYTRAPE

Meeting with Baby Neelou, the rapper who makes hearts vibrate with his latest EP, “Le Chemin du Cœur”. So, make yourself comfortable, and let me tell you the fascinating story of this young artist.

Where does Baby Neelou come from?

It is an understatement to say that Baby Neelou is the fruit of a unique cultural and family heritage: born in the French Basque Country, to an African-American father and a Moroccan mother, he grew up between Biarritz and Los Angeles. This rich and diverse mix of cultures deeply permeates his music, oscillating harmoniously between Jazz, Funk, and Soul, inherited from his home, and the captivating rhythms of American rap, discovered through skate culture.

Beginnings and influences

Talking about his beginnings, Baby Neelou shares with us his sleepless nights spent on Soundcloud from 2016, exploring the new wave of rappers who are boldly reinventing Trap. It was this creative excitement that inspired him to launch his career. After an enlightening trip to Los Angeles in 2017, he began to experiment, adopting the codes of these innovators while gradually getting rid of elements that did not suit him, to finally forge a style all his own.

His first project, “Bromance”

“Bromance” is an album that explores a variety of themes and emotions. It includes titles like "Parmigiano", "Phinéas & Ferb", "B8BY", "Fakie Tre", "Cassius", "Tobey Maguire", "I might", and "Branché S€X". Each song is an exploration of different themes and emotions, with lyrics that are both poetic and realistic.

The album features artists like 8ruki and Leust, adding an extra dimension to Baby Neelou's music. The album's producers, which include 2OH94U, Dreamoh, Lil Gianni, Liviobrs, Peso20k, Solas, Totoprod, and Zoowe, worked closely with Baby Neelou to create a sound that is both unique and captivating.

The album was mastered and mixed by Scred Berry, a sound engineer who was able to highlight the talent of Baby Neelou and the other artists present on the album. Scred Berry's work has created a sound that is both clear and powerful, showcasing the lyrics and music of each song.

Exploring “The Path of the Heart”, Baby Neelou’s Latest Project

“Le Chemin du Cœur” represents a crucial milestone in Baby Neelou’s career. Released after the success of his first EP "Bromance", this project captures an artistic transformation in the rapper from the Basque Country. With this EP, Neelou not only evolves in his style, but also deepens the reflection on his roots and his identity, offering a work that is both personal and universal.

In "Le Chemin du Cœur", Neelou claims to have refined his musical formula, moving away from pure Trap to explore more encompassing sounds that reflect his vocal and musical maturity. The EP is characterized by rich, lush and airy productions, which provide an ideal space for his relaxed yet cutting style. The texts alternate between creative egotrips and deep introspections, highlighting his personal history and his complex relationship with France.

The title of the EP, "Le Chemin du Cœur", symbolizes Neelou's personal approach. He explains that following this path involves adopting an ideology guided by personal feelings and those of those close to you, moving forward with a naivety that resembles the vision of a child. This philosophy translates into music that is not just heard, but felt, allowing Neelou to forge deep connections with her audience.