Baby Neelou and the art of 'Bromance': A new era of French rap

Baby Neelou et l'art de la 'Bromance' : Une nouvelle ère du rap français

Originally from Biarritz, he started rapping about three years ago, inspired by the US generation of 2016. He was able to bring his own style to the scene, mixing rap with other musical genres and using innovative production techniques.

His first project, “Bromance”

“Bromance” is an album that explores a variety of themes and emotions. It includes titles like "Parmigiano", "Phinéas & Ferb", "B8BY", "Fakie Tre", "Cassius", "Tobey Maguire", "I might", and "Branché S€X". Each song is an exploration of different themes and emotions, with lyrics that are both poetic and realistic.

The album features artists like 8ruki and Leust, adding an extra dimension to Baby Neelou's music. The album's producers, which include 2OH94U, Dreamoh, Lil Gianni, Liviobrs, Peso20k, Solas, Totoprod, and Zoowe, worked closely with Baby Neelou to create a sound that is both unique and captivating.

The album was mastered and mixed by Scred Berry, a sound engineer who was able to highlight the talent of Baby Neelou and the other artists present on the album. Scred Berry's work has created a sound that is both clear and powerful, showcasing the lyrics and music of each song.

Versatility in his music

Baby Neelou is known for his ability to switch between English and French with ease, a skill he developed while listening to artists like Playboi Carti, D Savage, Diego Money and Famous Dex. He is also influenced by American music, notably by the trap scene of Chicago and Atlanta.

Aside from his music, Baby Neelou is also known for his love for his family and friends. He has a loyal team that has supported him since the beginning, and it is important for him to work with people close to him. It is this “bromance”, or brotherly love, which gives its name to his project.

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