BabySolo33: The princess of the 2000's unveils her new project "Radio $ummer Hits"

BabySolo33 : La princesse des 2000's dévoile son nouveau projet "Radio $ummer Hits" - HYTRAPE

BabySolo33, the princess of the 2000's who conquered the French-speaking scene, is back with a new project called "Radio $ummer Hits". This project, which will be available on July 27 at 5 p.m., is an emotionally charged summer tape, reflecting the special connection the artist has with music during this season.

BabySolo33, whose real name is Giulia, began her musical career in a bedroom, after a disappointing romantic encounter. Since this first experience, she has explored musical creation and fallen under the spell of autotuned flights of fancy. She quickly gained popularity thanks to her innovative sounds and her unique universe, which made her music a unique musical object in France.

“When I take the car in summer, the music speaks to me differently, it’s powerful what it provokes in me,” said the artist. It is with this passion and enthusiasm that she created "Radio $ummer Hits", a project intended to provide listeners with a soundtrack to their sunny days.

The project takes the form of a radio, a concept that BabySolo33 particularly likes. She has already explored this idea on SoundCloud, appreciating the eclectic and unpredictable side that it offers her, allowing her to give free rein to her visual and sonic creativity.

In terms of sound, BabySolo33 went back to their beginnings using productions that would best reflect the summer vibe. The album is rhythmic and festive, matching the joyful atmosphere of the season. The Princess of 33 sees this project as an opportunity to have fun and explore new musical possibilities. We can find it on a Jul type production on the title "Juventus" or even a drill on "Lilo&Stitch", or the electronic ballad "LagunaBeach".

Love remains a central topic in BBS's lyrics, but this time around she focuses on the imagery of holiday love. This theme linked to youthful memories, and the nostalgia that results from them, resonates with the artist's past experiences, evoking nostalgic moments that can never be relived.

The cover of "Radio $ummer Hits", created by Maureen Frenkel (@muanree) and Totally Production (@totallyproduction), is inspired by the celebrity magazines that BBS likes to read during the summer. She puts herself in the shoes of a “starlet”, recalling icons of the 2000s like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or Kim Kardashian. The cover reproduces an iconic photo of Kim K on a Range Rover.

Get in your car with BabySolo33 and his “Radio $ummer Hits”. You will not be disappointed.

“Radio $ummer Hits” project credits

BabySolo33's "Radio $ummer Hits" project was made possible through the collaboration of several talents. The cover was designed by Maureen Frenkel (@muanree) and Totally Production (@totallyproduction), perfectly capturing the summery, glamorous aesthetic of the album. Mastering was carried out by Emilie Daelemans (@emiliemastering), guaranteeing optimal sound quality. The tracks "PrincessGlr", "Lilo&Stitch" and "Juventus" were mixed by Push K (@pushk.production), while "RadioBbs" and "LagunaBeach" were mixed by BabySolo33 herself, with support from Felix Aubrun (@felixaubr). BabySolo33 also mixed the "3:33" jingle. Press relations were managed by Lila Nopre (@lilaaxn), ensuring effective communication of the project. Finally, the project was co-directed and managed by Margot Alyko (@alykktz) and produced by Jeune à Jamais (@jeuneajamais), both of whom played a crucial role in making “Radio $ummer Hits” come to fruition.