Bekar, the northern rap prodigy: between introspection and commitment

Bekar, le prodige du rap nordiste : entre introspection et engagement - HYTRAPE

In the constantly evolving landscape of French rap, certain voices stand out for their authenticity and creativity. This is the case of Bekar, an artist from the North of France, whose journey is a true hymn to resilience and perseverance. Far from the beaten track, this young rap prodigy from Lille has established himself as a major figure in the French hip-hop scene, thanks to his committed lyrics. In this article, we invite you to delve into the world of Bekar, through the exploration of his beginnings, his influences, his view on society, and his latest album: "Plus fort que l'orage" .

The emergence of an authentic and gifted artist

Bekar 's early career was marked by a growing passion for rap and the creation of his first group, the Green Connexion, with his high school friends. They rap together wherever they can, without necessarily thinking of making a career out of it. It is in this spirit of sharing and love for music that they began to become known locally.

When Bekar decides to try his luck solo, he meets Lucci , a local producer who encourages him to release a record. At this time, Bekar juggled his studies in graphic design and odd jobs to finance his studio recording sessions in Roubaix. Despite the obstacles, he managed to release his first EP, Boréal, in March 2019, distributed on his own label, Northface Records.

Boréal is a project of twelve titles which highlights the different facets of Bekar's artistic universe. The EP mixes egotrip and softer, introspective pieces, allowing Bekar to stand out and gain notoriety. Following the success of this first project, he was quickly contacted by numerous record companies in Paris, marking the start of a professional career in music.

In September 2020, Bekar released his second project, Briques Rouges, in reference to the typical architecture of the North of France. This disc of 18 tracks, without featuring, allows the rapper to reveal himself with sincerity and to talk about his youth in Lille, his complex family relationships, his anxieties and his fears. This project reinforces Bekar in his vocation and helps him understand the importance of rap as a means of expressing his emotions.

Alongside his solo projects, Bekar is working on Mira, a transitional project which will be followed by a second opus, Sierra, in 2022. Together, these two projects form the name of the Mirasierra neighborhood, where Bekar grew up in Madrid. Unlike Mira, which is focused on vibes and melodies, Sierra is much more accomplished in terms of lyrics and artistic direction.

Influences & View of society

Bekar draws his influences from a wide range of artists and musical genres, both French and international. His Spanish roots and his childhood spent in Madrid have also left an indelible mark on his music and creativity. Among the artists who inspire him, we can cite French rappers such as Booba, Oxmo Puccino, and Nekfeu, but also international figures like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. These artists have in common an introspective and poetic approach to rap, exploring deep and complex themes through committed texts.

Bekar's view of society is reflected in his texts, which demonstrate his sensitivity to social problems and inequalities. His personal experiences and life journey have allowed him to develop a unique perspective on the issues facing disadvantaged and marginalized communities, particularly in the North of France.

His songs address subjects such as precariousness, the difficulty of integrating into a disadvantaged socio-economic environment, or the challenges that young people face in building a better future. At the same time, it also addresses universal themes such as love, family and the search for meaning in life.

Bekar believes in the importance of authenticity and personal expression in his music. He views rap as a way to express his thoughts and emotions, which allows him to share his thoughts on society with his audience. His committed texts demonstrate his desire to raise listeners' awareness of social issues and encourage them to become aware of the realities faced by certain populations.

The evolution of Bekar and the release of “Stronger than the Storm”

Bekar's latest album, entitled "Plus fort que l'orage", marks a major turning point in his career and testifies to his artistic maturity. This opus is the fruit of deep introspection and a desire to push the limits of his creativity. It is an ambitious disc which reflects the different facets of the artist and his life, while offering a rich and varied musical experience.

“Stronger Than the Storm” stands out for its coherence and artistic direction. The metaphor of the storm serves as a common thread throughout the album, symbolizing the tumultuous periods of Bekar's life, as well as his resilience and determination to overcome hardships. The different titles of the album explore varied themes, ranging from failure in love (Vide sentimental) to the mourning of a loved one (Above a Airbus), including life in Lille (Razorlight).

In this album, Bekar decided to surround himself with real musicians, including pianist Vladimir Pariente, guitarist Vincent David and producer and artist Myth Syzer. This collaboration allowed him to broaden his musical palette and integrate new and daring sounds into his music. The result is an album with careful arrangements and captivating melodies, which will appeal to rap fans while reaching a wider audience.

“Stronger than the Storm” is also marked by the presence of several collaborations with other artists, such as the singer Zinée (Effet mer) and the rapper PLK (Fisheye). These collaborations enrich the album and demonstrate Bekar's desire to exchange with his peers and open up to new influences.

With this new opus, Bekar confirms his status as an essential figure in the rap scene in Northern France and establishes himself as an artist to follow closely. “Stronger than the Storm” is the sincere and touching testimony of a young man who knew how to transform the trials of his life into creative force, and who, through his music, shares his experience with his audience. This album is not only the consecration of his talent, but also the promise of a promising career and an exciting artistic evolution.

His latest album:

Conclusion :

Bekar is an artist at a crossroads, a talented rapper whose career has only just begun. With his latest album "Plus fort que l'orage", he once again demonstrates his ability to explore new horizons and to move his audience with deep and sincere lyrics. His journey is a true example of perseverance and passion for music, a model for young talents looking for inspiration. There is no doubt that Bekar will continue to surprise us and leave his mark on French rap for years to come. So, listen and let yourself be carried away by the poetry of this extraordinary artist, whose music is a true reflection of his soul.