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Benjamin Epps: From Libreville to the conquest of French-speaking rap

Benjamin Epps : De Libreville à la conquête du rap francophone - HYTRAPE

In the effervescent world of French-speaking rap, a talent is emerging and attracting more and more attention: Benjamin Epps. Originally from Libreville, Gabon, this rapper with deep and committed lyrics has carved out a remarkable path in the musical world. Her debut album, “La Grande Désillusion”, is a powerful statement of her journey marked by inequalities and challenges. Discover how Benjamin Epps stood out thanks to his authentic style and his prestigious collaborations, and how he is on the way to becoming an essential reference in French-speaking rap.

A youth marked by inequality

Benjamin Epps grew up in an environment where inequality was palpable. Born in Libreville, Gabon, he witnessed the difficulties faced by many people in his home country. Economic and social disparities played a determining role in his youth and shaped his view of the world. Poverty, corruption and violence were daily realities for him and the residents of his neighborhood, Bellevue.

These experiences had a profound impact on Benjamin and influenced his music and lyrics. Through his tracks, he often speaks about the inequalities and struggles people face, providing insight into the brutal reality he experienced. By tackling topics such as political corruption, insufficient education and health problems, he highlights the obstacles that young people like him must overcome to succeed.

Music played a crucial role in Benjamin's life by offering him a means of expression and escape from the challenges of his daily life. French rap was a source of inspiration for him from a young age, when he discovered the albums that his older brother had brought back from France. This passion for rap allowed him to immerse himself in a universe that transcended borders and inequalities, and to dream of a better future.

A talent for rap and first steps in music

Real name Kesstate, he very quickly discovered his passion for rap during his adolescence. Raised in an environment where music was an important part, he was influenced early on by artists such as MC Solaar, IAM, and NTM. It was by listening to these big names in French rap that Benjamin developed a love for rich and deep lyrics, as well as a taste for the art of rhyme.

At the age of 16, he began writing his own texts, drawing inspiration from his daily life and those around him. The first years of his career were marked by freestyles and battles in which he was able to refine his technique and perfect his flow. His performances quickly attracted the attention of rap fans, who were won over by his unique voice and hard-hitting style.

Despite the difficulties and obstacles he faced, Benjamin Epps persevered in music, recording demos and participating in competitions to make a name for himself in the industry. It is thanks to his determination and hard work that he was able to release his first three EPs - "Le Futur", "Fantôme avec chauffeur" and "You are not happy?! Triplet" - which allowed him to acquire a solid reputation on the French-speaking rap scene.

These musical projects were an opportunity for Benjamin Epps to explore different facets of his art, varying the styles and sounds. His collaborations with artists as diverse as Selah Sue, Dinos, and Styles P demonstrate his open-mindedness and his desire to push the limits of his creativity.

“La Grande Désillusion”, an introspective and committed album

“La Grande Désillusion”, the first album by Benjamin Epps, marks an important step in the career of the Gabonese rapper. This introspective and committed opus testifies to the artistic maturity of the artist, who addresses deep and complex themes with disarming sincerity.

The album stands out for its exploration of disillusionment, a feeling that runs through all of the songs. By discussing his personal journey, Benjamin Epps paints an uncompromising portrait of the reality of life in the neighborhoods of Libreville, while offering a critical look at the world of music and the difficulties he encountered as an artist. emerging. The album's lyrics are marked by great honesty and a sharp pen, which allow the listener to immerse themselves in the artist's universe.

“The Great Disillusionment” is also characterized by its social and political commitment. Benjamin Epps not only describes the inequalities and injustices he faced, but he also questions power structures and the mechanisms that maintain them. Throughout the songs, he denounces corruption, police violence, and the inertia of political elites in the face of the problems that plague Gabonese society.

Musically, “La Grande Désillusion” stands out for the diversity of influences and styles that make up the album. Benjamin Epps manages to brilliantly merge the sounds of French, American and African rap, thus creating a rich and eclectic musical universe. The productions, signed by talented beatmakers, offer a varied backdrop that highlights the voice and flow of the artist.

The collaborations present on the album add an additional dimension to the work of Benjamin Epps. By associating with renowned artists such as MC Solaar, Josman, Angélique Kidjo and Lino, he confirms his status as an essential rapper and demonstrates his ability to adapt to different styles and worlds.

The meteoric rise of Benjamin Epps

The rise of Benjamin Epps in the world of French-speaking rap is the fruit of his perseverance, his undeniable talent and his ability to renew himself. His success at the 2022 BET Awards, where he won the “best international flow” award, is a symbol of this success. He managed to overcome the unevenness of his journey to make a name for himself in the music industry, staying true to his roots and carrying a strong message through his music.

With an album as successful as “La Grande Désillusion”, Benjamin Epps laid the foundations for a promising career. He seems aware of the room for improvement that remains for him and is determined to continue to develop as an artist. His future plans likely include new collaborations, musical experiments, and an ever-increasing commitment to social justice and equality. By continuing on this path, Benjamin Epps is on the way to becoming an essential figure in French-speaking rap and a model for future generations.

Short summary:

Benjamin Epps, talented Gabonese rapper, is a rising figure in French-speaking rap. Born in Libreville, Gabon, he grew up in an environment marked by socio-economic inequalities. His first album, “La Grande Désillusion”, testifies to his difficult journey and his desire to denounce injustices. Despite a difficult start to his career, Benjamin Epps was able to stand out thanks to his unique style and his collaborations with artists such as Selah Sue, MC Solaar and Dinos. His music, mixing various influences, allows the artist to stand out on the French-speaking rap scene and to inspire other young talents.