Bu$hi: The Visionary behind Saturn Citizen and Lyonzon

Bu$hi : Le Visionnaire derrière Saturn Citizen et Lyonzon

With a cigarette in his mouth, his gaze fixed on the horizon, Bu$hi is anything but a rookie in the game. At only 23 years old, this Lyonnais of Reunion origin already knows where he is going, and he is going there quickly.

These projects with Saturn Citizen, Lyonzon & solo, Bushi has already laid the foundations of a musical empire. And if you think that's all he has in the bag, think again.

Bu$hi is also a pioneer of the metaverse, a universe where he intends to extend his reign.

From the Cradle of Lyon to the Shores of Reunion and Back

Bu$hi is a French rapper born in Lyon on February 4, 2000. Despite his Lyon roots, he spent most of his youth under the sun of Reunion Island. It was there that he discovered his passion for music and took his first steps in the world of rap.

During his college years in Reunion, Bu$hi met Mussy, a classmate who shared his love for music.

Together, they formed the group Saturn Citizen, a crucial first step in Bu$hi's career. The duo explored various genres and styles, laying the foundation for what would later become Bu$hi's unique musical identity.

In 2016, Bu$hi broadened his musical horizons by forming a duo with Azur. They became known as Cool Kids and released a self-titled EP which attracted attention from the local scene.

Shortly after, Bu$hi decided to return to Lyon, his hometown, in 2017.

In Lyon, Bu$hi quickly made a name for himself.

He gets closer to influential local figures like Jorrdee and the 6nueve collective. It was Jorrdee who introduced him to Gouap, the founder of the Lyon collective Lyonzon.

Impressed by Bu$hi's talent and potential, Gouap quickly integrated him into Lyonzon, where he continued to shine and push the limits of his art.

The latest project from the Lyonzon collective:

Style and Influence: A UFO in French Rap

Bu$hi is an artist who stands out for his unusual style.

His flow, oscillating between calculated nonchalance and raw energy, allows him to stand out in an already very rich French rap landscape.

What is also striking about Bu$hi is his musical universe.

It creates an almost spatial ambiance, mixing heavy 808 bass with cloud tones. This combination gives his music a nocturnal and cosmic dimension, as if each piece were an invitation to an interstellar journey.

Bu$hi doesn't hesitate to draw from various influences, ranging from American rap to electronic music.

His collaboration with renowned producers like DJ Durel and 808 Melo demonstrates his desire to push boundaries and create something innovative.

Projects: Mixtapes and Ambitions

The Bushi Trilogy

With three mixtapes under his belt, Bu$hi has shown constant evolution. Each of his projects, from "Bushi 1" to "Bushi 1.5" and finally "Bushi Tape 2", reflects a different facet of his personality. The latest, “Bushi Tape 2”, is particularly revealing of his audacity and ambition.

The release of "Bushi Tape 2" was carefully orchestrated.

Teased throughout 2021, the mixtape was officially announced on February 1, 2022. Bu$hi was able to maintain the attention of his fans by gradually revealing the cover, the tracklist, and even extracts of songs.

One of the big surprises of "Bushi Tape 2" is undoubtedly the collaboration with international producers.

In addition to working with local talent like DVGZ and Nitrous, Bu$hi has brought in names like WondaGurl and 808 Melo, known for their work with artists like Travis Scott and Pop Smoke.

Future Projects

Bu$hi news is rich and still promises great surprises. A collaboration with the American rapper Takeoff is notably in preparation, which testifies to the international rise of the artist.

The Bu$hi World Metaverse: A Step Towards the Future

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the music industry, making artists more dependent on streaming platforms than ever before. Bu$hi, aware of this reality, chose to take matters into his own hands by turning to web3, NFTs and metaverses.

Bu$hi World: A Complete Virtual Universe

Located in the RELMS metaverse, Bu$hi World is a dimension of Saturn Citizen, which has 8888 dimensions in total. This virtual world is an extension of Bu$hi's artistic universe, offering unique experiences such as video games and exclusive merchandising. It is an open platform where other artists can also create their own universe and organize virtual concerts.

This metaverse allows Bu$hi to communicate directly with his community of fans without going through intermediaries.

It offers a new way to interact, monetize your art and build a more authentic relationship with your audience.

Vision and Future: An Artist Ahead of His Time

Bu$hi is often considered an avant-garde artist.

He is aware of the challenges that await him, particularly in the face of large streaming platforms which seek to maintain their monopoly. However, with innovative projects like Bu$hi World and a clear vision for its future, it appears well-equipped to navigate this ever-changing landscape.

Whether through his energetic concerts or his interactions with fans, Bu$hi knows how to create a strong bond with his community.

His ambition and vision for the future only strengthens this bond, promising a long and successful career.

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