Clément Roussel: Talented and experienced sound engineer

Clément Roussel : Ingé son talentueux et expérimenté - HYTRAPE

Having started his career in the field of production before moving mainly towards mixing. His background in classical music, which began at the conservatory with the trumpet, has given him essential rigor and discipline in his current profession!

The discovery of Computer Assisted Music (MAO) marked a decisive turning point in his career.

This discovery gave him a creative freedom he had never experienced before. Clément underlines the importance of this step, which was a real catalyst for him, allowing him to explore new facets of music and sound production.

His career took off when he quickly became an assistant.

He had the opportunity to work in prestigious studios like Studio Pigal or Studio Red Bull, where he learned from experienced professionals. This period allowed him to gain solid experience and build an essential professional network.

His visit to Venice to work on a project for the Contemporary Art Biennale was an important milestone in his transition to independent status.

Tips for Aspirants

Clément emphasizes the importance of studio learning, especially for assistants.

According to him, this is where the fundamental bases are acquired. He recommends knocking on the doors of big studios to learn and suggests staying as long as possible to master the machines and understand the workflow. He emphasizes the need for regular mixing, emphasizing that daily practice is crucial to excel in this area.

Clément also advises finding a mentor, particularly in the field of mixing, as this allows you to learn from an experienced professional and understand the intricacies of the profession.

Specialization, whether in recording or mixing, is a key aspect to developing a successful career.

As a mixer, Clément values ​​a personalized and human approach. He understands the importance of creating a comfortable environment for artists and emphasizes the importance of trust and communication in the creative process. His working method involves attentive listening to the artist's needs and flexible adaptation to each project.