Drake Responds to Kendrick Lamar in His New Track "THE HEART PART 6"

Drake Répond à Kendrick Lamar dans son nouveau titre "THE HEART PART 6"

Drake just dropped a bomb with his new song "THE HEART PART 6", a direct response to serious accusations made by Kendrick Lamar. Imagine, you are calmly installed, perhaps with a coffee in hand, and there, you come across this epic clash. I'll explain the trick to you a little.

First, you should know that this Drake title is a nod to Kendrick Lamar's series of independent tracks. The song, which lasts five and a half minutes, doesn't beat around the bush. Drake directly addresses the rumors circulating about him, in particular the one that claims he has inappropriate relationships with minors. In “THE HEART PART 6,” he clearly raps that his name will never be on a sex offender list. That’s a strong statement, right? He insists that these rumors are completely unfounded.

But Drake doesn't stop there. He implies that these accusations could be linked to Kendrick Lamar's own traumatic childhood experiences, which could explain why he is projecting these accusations onto him.

Then, Drake reveals a rather cunning strategy: he and his team allegedly spent a week spreading false information to certain people, knowing that these rumors would reach Kendrick and he would take the bait. He specifically mentions a rumor that he is hiding the existence of a secret 11-year-old girl.

The song is already streaming, and I really advise you to go listen to it to get your own idea about this war of words between two rap giants.

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