Exoticism: Musical journey like “Winter in Shibuya”

Exotisme : Voyage musical à la "Winter in Shibuya" - HYTRAPE

Winter has bowed out, but not without leaving its mark in the musical world. “Winter in Shibuya”, the new five-track EP from exoticism, captures the very essence of this cold season through a unique prism. Inspired by the anime "Jujutsu Kaisen" and its narrative arc "The Shibuya Incident", the artist weaves an ode to a winter which, far from being only cold and dark, is rich in questions and of melancholy.

On the collaboration side, the EP benefits from the touches of two talented producers: "LIL CHICK", whose reputation is well established, and "lilpute", whose aerial productions transport the listener into a sound space as vast as shade. Together, they develop a musical background on which exoticism unfolds its narrative web, inviting us to rediscover the sensations of winter.

The “Winter in Shibuya” project is a true cultural kaleidoscope. The Lyon rapper skillfully mixes references to phenomena dear to millennials, thus creating a bridge between different spheres of pop culture. From “One Piece” to “League of Legends”, each title is a dive into a universe where the nostalgia of winter intertwines with flashes of contemporary culture.

Exotisme also emerges as a storyteller through his distinctive voice and his emotionally charged texts. Social criticism, the fight against racism and reflection on capitalist society shine through in sincere and committed writing, giving the EP a density that goes well beyond the music.

The artist, of Djiboutian origin, does not hesitate to highlight his roots through his work, thus embracing his identity and celebrating diversity. His music becomes a vector of acceptance and universality, breaking geographical and cultural boundaries.

With asserted artistic independence, exotisme offers us captivating melodies on productions which give pride of place to luminous and airy inspirations. The transition between song and melody creates a space where the modern swing of his flows combines with remarkable ease in rhyme.

The themes addressed by exoticism are in the image of its generation: resolutely modern and inscribed in time. From societal critiques to acute observations on pop culture, he handles words with a nonchalance that contrasts with the depth of the subjects addressed.