“EXTENDO”: The collaboration between SCH, Vladimir Cauchemar and Unknown T

"EXTENDO" : La collaboration entre SCH, Vladimir Cauchemar et Unknown T - HYTRAPE

The recent release of "Extendo" , the explosive new track from SCH in collaboration with Vladimir Cauchemar and Unknown T , is creating a real buzz in the musical landscape. This hard-hitting and innovative track is conquering hearts with its power and captivating sounds.

SCH’s incisive return to basics:
In “Extendo” , SCH returns to his roots by delivering an incisive and impactful verse. With his strong expressions like “Mathafack” and “Scélérat” , the French rapper tears up the production with his characteristic voice. This piece allows us to rediscover the SCH of the first successes, the one which was acclaimed for its aggressive and determined style.

The monstrous influence of Vladimir Nightmare:
Vladimir Cauchemar, the French producer with avant-garde sounds, makes a monumental contribution to "Extendo" . Its dark and inventive production creates a captivating atmosphere, perfectly in tune with the energy of the track. His remarkable work gives this title a unique and captivating dimension.

The boundless energy of Unknown T:
Unknown T, the English rapper on the rise, brings his passion and boundless energy to “Extendo” . His punchy flow and charismatic presence add an international touch to the song. His collaboration with SCH and Vladimir Cauchemar demonstrates the diversity and open-mindedness of this explosive collaboration.

With "Extendo" , SCH, Vladimir Cauchemar and Unknown T have created a sensational collaboration. This hard-hitting track offers a perfect combination of the talents of each artist, showcasing their creativity and musical power. “Extendo” is a real hit in the making, which captivates listeners with its boundless energy and innovative sounds. This promising collaboration suggests a future full of success for these talented and daring artists.

Written by Yeazzy.