Gapman is back with “Next Goat 2”

Gapman est de retour avec "Prochaine Chèvre 2"

Today, I'm talking to you about an artist who is not only an ephemeral phenomenon in the world of French trap, but who is establishing himself permanently in the musical landscape. I want to talk about Gapman, this rapper from Lille who, after dazzling the public with his project “Prochaine Chèvre”, returns in force with the long-awaited sequel, “Prochaine Chèvre 2”.

Imagine, since his hit “Trapalot”, Gapman has continued to climb.

Inspired by the rap scenes of Atlanta, Memphis and Maryland, he knew how to mix these influences with his experience in the north of France. His 2018 debut in the world of plugg quickly led him to a more melodic exploration of trap, with the invaluable help of his childhood friends and production prodigies like Binks Beatz.

In 2023, Gapman really made an impression with “Prochaine Chèvre”, an album of eight tracks which shone for its authenticity and its fidelity to its musical roots. And guess what ? The success didn't stop there. With the single "Step", in collaboration with Ashe 22, he recorded the best start of his career. This bodes well for “Next Chèvre 2”, which will be released on May 3, 2024.

This new album is thought of as a continuation of his musical exploration, with an even broader palette. Gapman promises us vibrant sung pieces, sharp trap and even some new melancholic sounds on titles like “Paillettes”.

It's a real musical Swiss Army knife that wants to reach an even wider audience without denying its origins.

And that's not all, the work also continues on stage! Gapman will participate in several festivals this summer, such as "We Love Green" in Paris, "Les Paradis Artificiels" in Lille, and "Les Ardentes" in Liège. Every appearance is a chance to see this talent in action.

2024 promises to be the year of confirmation for Gapman. With TRAP productions by Binks Beatz, and a diversity in his pieces that promises to capture his audience even more.

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