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H JeuneCrack and Mairo have just released their joint EP “La solution”

H JeuneCrack et Mairo viennent de sortir leur EP commun "La solution" - HYTRAPE

H JeuneCrack and Mairo have just unveiled their joint EP “La solution”. This collaboration marks a high point in the already flourishing careers of these two French-speaking rap artists. The video for their flagship single, "Catenaccio", filmed in the bustle of Tokyo, perfectly embodies the spirit of their project: dynamic, innovative and resolutely modern.

Their association is not the result of chance. Since their significant meeting during the fiftieth episode of Grünt, in May 2022, their artistic complicity was palpable. United by a common vision of music and remarkable ease on the microphone, they were able to combine their talent to create captivating pieces. Their first collaboration on the titles "La vigne" and "Merci bonne jour" had already announced the color: here, two universes meet to form one, rich in sharp rhymes and punchy beats.

2023 has been an eventful year for both rappers, with each exploring separate collaborations before joining forces once again. The EP “The Solution” is the result of this meeting, offering three tracks that reflect their synergy and ambition. “Catenaccio”, with its sharp sounds and its immersive clip, symbolizes this desire to leave their indelible mark on the musical landscape.

The journey of H JeuneCrack and Mairo, although distinct, testifies to constant progression and a search for authenticity. H JeuneCrack, with his independent approach and artistic versatility, and Mairo, emblematic figure of Swiss rap, share more than a passion for music: a commitment to innovate and push the limits of their art.

The announcement of their festival tour was enthusiastically received by fans and critics. From Niort to Liège, via Paris, Brussels, Rennes, Bourges, Angers, Laval, and other cities, this tour promises to be a key moment to live the unique experience of "The solution" live.

“The Solution” is not just a musical project, it is a statement, a moment of convergence where the talent and vision of H JeuneCrack and Mairo meet to create something new, bold and unforgettable . Their EP, with its carefully selected tracklist and high-quality productions, is a journey through the best that rap has to offer, pushed by two artists at the top of their game.