Hamza: the story of dazzling success

Hamza : l'histoire d'un succès fulgurant - HYTRAPE

Hamza, an artist who left his mark on the world of French-speaking rap with his unique style, followed an extraordinary journey to achieve the recognition he deserves. Born in Brussels in 1994, Hamza started in the shadows, sharing his music on modest platforms like Skyblog, before experiencing dazzling success. His rise is not the result of chance, but the result of hard work and his own unique approach.

What sets Hamza apart is his ability to innovate and take risks. His music, a daring mix of rap, RnB, and even dancehall, testifies to his artistic openness. His project “H24” perfectly illustrates this character trait: an ambitious mixtape of 24 tracks, where each track is an experiment in itself. Although some titles did not meet with the expected success, others were able to capture the attention of a more informed audience, notably "La Sauce" which had a resounding response in the underground.

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What allowed Hamza to have such success?

What is striking about Hamza is his perseverance. Despite the commercial failures of some of his projects, such as "Zombie Life", he continued to work hard and reinvent himself. His talent for melody and unique style eventually paid off. The “1994” project, for example, is a true musical gem which left its mark with its originality and quality.

At the same time, Hamza knew how to manage his career intelligently. He surrounded himself with the right people, like Nicolas Bellagio, and made strategic decisions to better position himself in the industry. This thoughtful approach has paid off with successful projects like “Paradise,” which struck a balance between mainstream expectations and Hamza’s artistic creativity.

Collaboration with other artists on the Belgian and French scene, such as Damso, SCH, or even Nekfeu , has allowed Hamza to gain visibility and reach a wider audience. His participation in major music festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza has also contributed to his notoriety.

The combination of his musical talent, his social media promotion strategy, his collaborations with other artists, and his live performances have all contributed to making Hamza a successful artist.

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But what about the album “Sincerely”?

The album “Sincerely” is an introspective opus which invites us to enter the personal universe of the artist. With its seventeen tracks, Hamza offers an emotional journey through his life and experiences, offering avenues for reflection on love, life and death.

The album's first track, "Introduction", is an ode to introspection. To a piano melody, Hamza gives us his most intimate thoughts on the importance of remaining true to yourself. The tone is set for the rest of the album, which turns out to be a journey into the artist's personal universe.

Among the collaborations, we notably find Ponko, a French producer and beatmaker with whom Hamza has worked since his beginnings. Their collaboration resulted in innovative and original sounds, ranging from the use of jazz or funk samples to orchestral arrangements.

Ponko played an important role in the musical direction of the album, pushing Hamza to explore new sounds and step out of his comfort zone. In an interview, Hamza explained that Ponko encouraged him to focus on the quality of the lyrics and melodies, rather than catchy choruses and danceable rhythms.

“Never the Same Again” is another introspective track that deals with the end of a romantic relationship. Hamza explores the pain of separation and the difficulty of moving on.

The album's title track, "Sincerely", is a song that expresses the artist's vulnerability. On a guitar melody, Hamza gives us an honest and moving text about the difficulty of being true with oneself and with others.

The album “Sincerely” is a true musical gem, which demonstrates Hamza’s artistic maturity. With soft melodies and poignant lyrics, the Belgian artist offers us an introspective album that invites reflection on the big questions of life.

However, despite his success, Hamza remains an artist in search of perfection and recognition commensurate with his talent. His latest album, “Sincerely”, although commercially successful, seems to mark an evolution in his career. Perhaps less experimental and daring than his previous work, this album could be seen as a sign of maturity, or even of transition to a new phase of his career.

Hamza's trajectory is a lesson in perseverance and fidelity to his artistic vision. He knew how to create sincere music, which speaks to a diverse audience, while remaining faithful to his roots and his style. His career is proof that authenticity and originality are safe values ​​in a world where ephemeral trends often dominate.

Hamza remains a discreet and humble artist, preferring quality over quantity. He continues to work with loyal and talented collaborators, such as Ponko and his Street Fabulous collective, to develop new and original sounds.