Winter 17: Between Rap & Industrial Punk

Hiver 17 : Entre Rap & Punk industriel - HYTRAPE

At the heart of Parisian artistic excitement, a group stands out for its transversal and radical approach to musical creation: Hiver 17.

Founded in January 2023, this collective brings together four childhood friends driven by a singular vision that mixes rap, industrial punk, and hazy aesthetics. Their universe, imbued with the streets of the 20th arrondissement of Paris, materializes through projects such as CRASH. and TRIPS. , true manifestos of their art.

On January 20, 2024, the VIRAGES event marks a turning point for Hiver 17. At La Java Belleville, a concert bringing together a diversity of emerging artists, including rappers, beatmakers and DJs, becomes the scene of an unforgettable performance. On stage, Hiver 17 reveals seven exclusive tracks from the TRIPES album. , demonstrating their ability to captivate an audience hungry for new things.

To finance their albums, they invest in the production of clips, covers and artistic directions for other artists, imprinting their unique aesthetic signature on each project. Their collaboration with the C4 group! perfectly illustrates this versatility.

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GUT. : A visual collage

GUT. ventures further into experimentation than CRASH. , adopting a collage aesthetic that is both visual and musical. The album is a melting pot of diverse influences, from New Wave Rap to Electronic, including Alternative Rock. Each piece is a meticulous construction of disparate elements, creating a hybrid rap where genres collide in an astonishing richness of sound.

The members of Hiver 17 express their torments and contradictions through striking aforisms, exploring anxieties, disillusionments and inner rebellions. These texts, dark and poignant, add narrative depth to their music, inviting reflection on existence, its impasses and its escapes.

is also distinguished by the introduction of complex time signatures, breaking the traditional 4 beats of rap to explore innovative measures like 6/4, 10/4 or 7/4. This approach opens new expressive avenues in rap, proving the technicality and limitless creativity of Hiver 17.

A Visceral Universe

Winter 17 succeeds in capturing the raw energy and power of a visceral world through TRIPES -> immersive experience in organized chaos. Their art, far beyond simple music, is an invitation to explore the depths of the human soul, in what is most raw and authentic.

The double single LE PREMIER COUP QUI RENTRE , with its rhythmic signature in 6/4, is a perfect example of this artistic audacity.