Implacable: A breath of originality with 'So Vladdy Shit'

Implaccable : Un vent d'originalité avec 'So Vladdy Shit' - HYTRAPE

Implaccable, a young artist of Guadeloupean origin based in Paris, stood out from his first piece, "VVS" (ft LeMarth), which brought a breath of originality to Guadeloupe. Over time, he built a unique universe in France, with songs like “Pas les the same”, “MOMM (Drip Drop)” and “Platinium”. Currently, he is preparing a mixtape/EP, in which he will push his delirium even further with a much more controlled flow and a voice pushed to its limits, like his main influence, Playboi Carti, with his " baby voice.” This project will also be significantly higher quality than his previously released sounds in terms of mixing and mastering.

His latest project, "So Vladdy Shit - Implacable", is a demonstration of his talent and originality. The album, released on June 19, 2023, includes collaborations with artists such as 102 GANG, Big B, Black D, Mikano, Serane, thaHomey, Theodora (FRA) and Twizzy cinco. The album's producers include 6Plug, AL (FRA), Amxnium, Blatt, Dann SSV, Daydontknow, FREAKEY!, Global Network, Kan, Kosei, Medams, Milksh4kevf, Monarch (FRA), Mznk, NAD, Ody (FRA) , OTS, Ozcqn, Sco (beatmaker) and Sutus.

Among the album's tracks are "Anti-Industry", "More Luxury Brand", "Il n'est pas Tracs", "Last moon" (ft. Mikano), "#yeah" (ft. 102 GANG & Twizzy cinco), "#tracs n #yeah" (ft. Serane), "I have this little little thing" (ft. Theodora (FRA)), "D Bla welcomed me to PSO" (ft . Black D), "Good Life", "Break the Bed", "When I Take It to the Ritz" (ft. Big B), "Boss Up" (ft. thaHomey), "Last Friday Night", "My love is special", "Twinny", "They don't want love" (ft. 102 GANG), "She could have" (ft. 102 GANG), "The Hun and the han" (ft. thaHomey) and " REP Mike (that's crazy)".

The album's music video was directed by OD Bussy and produced by TA(C)NA. The album was mixed and mastered by Alex Fabre, which guarantees exceptional sound quality.

Implacable is an artist to follow, with a unique style and an original approach to music. With "So Vladdy Shit - Implacable", he continues to push the boundaries of his art and define his own path in the music industry.