Irko: The most avant-garde rapper?? (2024)

Irko, le rappeur à la voix glaciale - HYTRAPE

Irko, the rapper with an icy voice, is an artist who has stood out for his unique style and futuristic music. Born in Tirana, he moved to Lyon in 2018 and made his first appearance on Amnezzia's “Sleepy LA” mixtape at the end of 2019 with the single “Skittles”. He continues to stand out with two visuals “Onze” and “Quatre” in 2020, and his participation in the Soundcloud compilation “Calendrier de l’avant” by Sely the take with the title “Gris Montaigne”.

In September 2021, Irko unveiled his first mixtape “Ghillie in the Mist”, composed of 10 tracks, entirely produced by Amnezzia. This mixtape marks the beginning of his recognition as an artist in his own right, with a strong musical identity and a unique proposition. In 2022, he returned with the clip “Carbon” and appeared on the media mixtape 1863, with the title SSDD. He also appeared on the mixtape of directors OD Busy, featuring FEMT0GO with “6AM”.

On May 10, he offers a new project composed of 4 tracks, resulting from a collaboration with Meel B, entitled “Dirty Synths And Nice Bars”. In his visuals, to which he attaches particular importance, Irko develops a universe with a precise and refined aesthetic. It offers particular syntaxes, surprising and controlled placements exuding a certain confidence, contrasted by disturbing remarks on backgrounds of analog and glitchy synthesizers. We can also find it in more vaporous and melodic sounds, always with the same contrast that makes the experience unique.

Close danger: a daring exploration, bordering on the never-before-heard

The collaboration between Amne and Irko

The project announced by a tweet from Irko dated August 28, 2023 is distributed by Sony Music Entertainment.

“Danger Rapproché” is a production which bears the signature of a remarkable synergy between Amne and Irko. If Amne is responsible for the production of the album, Irko, known for his glacial voice and his futuristic style, brings his revolutionary touch.

The project was announced by a tweet from Irko dated August 28, 2023 and is distributed by Sony Music Entertainment.

The artwork is designed by Charles Bedel, and the project also includes collaborations with artists like 111SYRI.

The mastering is provided by Mathieu Bameulle and the mixing by Amne & LUCASV. Scarpackage & Sublime labels are the entities behind the production of this album.

The project to listen to:

Irko is an artist who constantly pushes the boundaries of French rap. His style, marked by military references, saturated bass and a cold, robotic voice, is unique and captivating. He has managed to rise as one of the French-speaking artists to one of the most captivating musical offerings of recent months. With a unique style punctuated by glacial flows, prominent vocal effects and colorful and punchy bars, his music with its unique accents comes to life on a wide range of rugged instrumentals.