James Blake: “Playing Robots into Heaven”, a return to electronic roots

James Blake : "Playing Robots into Heaven", un retour aux racines électroniques - HYTRAPE

James Blake , the British musician known for his bold sonic explorations, returns with a new album titled "Playing Robots into Heaven". This project marks a significant return to his electronic roots, while retaining some of the melodic and atmospheric elements that made him famous.

The Evolution of Sound

"Playing Robots into Heaven" marks a turning point in James Blake's career, returning him to his electronic roots while maintaining a modern touch. Unlike his previous albums, which were more focused on melodic compositions and complex arrangements, this new opus focuses more on abstract electronic rhythms and vocal samples. It's a natural evolution that shows Blake's versatility as an artist, able to juggle different genres while maintaining his unique identity.

The collaboration

The presence of collaborators like Dom Maker and Jameela Jamil adds a new dimension to the album. Dom Maker, known for his work in the electronic music group Mount Kimbie, brings a touch of technical sophistication to the album. Jameela Jamil, on the other hand, offers a different perspective that enriches Blake's sonic palette. Their influence is felt throughout the album, adding depth and complexity to Blake's already rich compositions.

Influence on the Electronic Stage

The album could have a significant impact on the electronic scene, especially regarding the creative use of vocal samples. Blake uses these samples not only as a rhythmic element but also as a melodic instrument, creating a new way of integrating them into electronic music. This approach could inspire other producers to experiment with vocal samples in more daring and inventive ways.

Focus on the Credits of “Playing Robots into Heaven”

The album is the result of an extensive collaboration between diverse talents, each bringing their own expertise to create a musical masterpiece. Here's a look at the key people involved in the making of this album:


  • James Blake : In addition to his role as singer and songwriter, Blake is also the album's primary sound and mixing engineer
  • Dom Maker : Known for his work with Mount Kimbie
  • Jameela Jamil : She adds a unique touch to the production


  • Chad Hugo, Chris Trowbridge, Deman Rocker, and others : These writers contributed to the songwriting


  • Matt Colton : As a mastering and immersive mixing engineer, Colton plays a role in finalizing the sound of the album
  • Jake Ashwell : Head of sound design and mixing


  • Oscar Hudson & Thibaut Grevet : These directors contributed to the visual aspect of the album through videos
  • Dexter Maurer : As art director, Maurer played a role in designing the album cover

Labels and Distribution

  • Polydor Records & Republic Records : These renowned labels are responsible for the distribution of the album

    Playing Robots into Heaven" is more than just an album; it's an artistic statement that could well redefine the rules of the game in the world of electronic music.