JAY-Z: New Album in 2024?

JAY-Z : Nouvel Album en 2024 ? - HYTRAPE

Recent rumors have been circulating on social media regarding a potential new JAY-Z album due in 2024. These speculations were fueled by a story published by Hidji World, a director, who hinted that he was filming with the prolific rapper. In an Instagram Story, Hidji World shared a photo of a clapperboard from the first round of filming with the inscription “JAY Z-2024 ALBUM”. Hidji's name was listed as director while Leroy Farrell was listed as cinematographer, suggesting a new JAY-Z music video was in the works, dated January 28.

Faced with the scale of the rumors, Roc Nation quickly reacted, commenting on a post on

JAY-Z's last solo album, released in 2017, spent two weeks at the top of the Billboard 200. The following year, he released "Everything Is Love" with Beyoncé as The Carters, their first joint album in as an iconic husband and wife duo. In an interview with Gayle King last year, JAY-Z said: “I would say I want to make music, but it has to be important. I don't want to just make a bunch of songs. This won't help me. First of all, it doesn't nourish me. I have to say something important. That must mean something, you know? This must have meaning for society in general. » As of today, there is no official confirmation of a new Hov album.