Jaymee and her atypical journey: between mixing, graphics and rap

Jaymee et son parcours atypique : entre mixage, graphisme et rap

Jaymee, an emerging artist on the Lille music scene, has been making a lot of noise lately. Originally from Lille, this British-born artist has been practicing rap since 2020. But what really sets him apart is his ability to mix various sounds, influenced by English rock from the 2000s, to create an artistic imprint that is his own.

Jaymee's story in music begins in a rather unusual way. Initially passionate about graphics and video editing, from the age of 16 he produced album covers for French and American artists. This visual creativity naturally opened the way to more musical exploration. The decisive turning point took place on March 17, 2020, when the confinement was announced. To pass the time, Jaymee ordered a microphone and began teaching herself how to record and mix her productions. Music quickly became a central activity for him, linking his various passions.

What is remarkable about Jaymee is her determination to touch every aspect of her art. Not only does he write and compose his tracks, but he also takes care of their mixes and masters. His graphic design skills continue to shine through the visuals of his projects, often created with the help of his partners in the independent collective “Pas De Problem”. This collective, made up of Lille artists like Vesco and Ldboii, as well as graphic designers and directors, is distinguished by a strong dynamic of mutual aid, each member having the objective of pulling the others up.

Jaymee became known thanks to her “Brand New Jazz” series, a collection of freestyles highlighting New Jazz sounds, then little known on the French-speaking scene. This series left its mark and laid the foundations of its reputation. In 2023, he teamed up with rapper Vesco to release a collaborative EP titled "Upward". This project, the result of artistic alchemy between the two artists, demonstrates Jaymee's ability to merge different musical styles and collaborate in a harmonious manner.

On January 26, 2024, Jaymee released her new project "Ma Way", an EP which reflects her journey and her artistic developments. This opus is a real dive into his universe, offering a rich palette of sounds and emotions. Each track on the EP is a testament to Jaymee’s authenticity and depth as an artist.

As the release of her upcoming single "Everybody Around" approaches on May 29, Jaymee continues to innovate. This title, produced by the talented PushK & Gio, addresses strong themes such as self-sacrifice and solidarity in a complex world. The clip, directed by @casadearturito, is a personal vlog where we see Jaymee surrounded by her loved ones during a friendly barbecue, symbolizing human warmth and mutual aid.