Interview with Jaywill: A look back at “Broken Broke Boy”

Entretien avec Jaywill : Retour sur "Broken Broke Boy" - HYTRAPE

With only 2 and a half years of career in rap, this young rapper from Val-de-Marne has already made an impression with his latest project "Broken Broke Boy". We had the opportunity to chat with Jaywill to learn more about his background, his influences and his aspirations for the future in the world of rap.

To start, can you introduce yourself?

Yes, I'm Jaywill. I'm 21 years old, I'm from Val-de-Marne and I've been rapping seriously for about 2 and a half years. Rap hasn't always been a priority for me but it is now.

What pushed you to embark on this adventure?

The 2020 lockdown changed everything. I was stuck at home and spent most of my time writing. It made me realize how much I love it

Your latest project “Broken Broke Boy” is really mature, between the productions used, the lyrics, the flow. Do you feel that you have reached a new milestone with this album? Are you already preparing for what comes next?

I am very satisfied with the project, I think it is the most successful of all. Beyond the fact that I am convinced of having taken on a new artistic dimension, the feedback from my loved ones and the public reassures me in the idea that I have passed a first milestone. Afterwards I also know that I can and will improve further, so the work continues. The rest is already being prepared, in reality I never stop.

- Are there any beatmakers with whom you collaborate regularly?

I work regularly with a small circle of beatmakers: Emjee, SPN, Mousta and a few others who recognize themselves. Are all full of talent and versatile so it's heavy

What are your influences and inspirations in rap?

I have very varied influences, at the moment no one in particular but I immerse myself enormously in the music that I hear everywhere, FR or US. Afterwards it’s true that initially it was quite a few artists like Damso or PNL who inspired me.

Your latest favorite project?

My last favorite project was perhaps Moussa by Prince Waly or the last ep of So la Lune

Do you want to collaborate with other rappers in the future?

I never really tried to contact rappers or use my contacts, probably because I was still looking for myself a little. This year 2023 is a real possibility because there are plenty of young rappers that I find talented and with whom it could be a match. Occasionally we will have to see that but it is very possible in any case.

Do you have any advice to give to someone who wants to get into music in 2023?

in reality I don't think I'm legitimate to give any advice to anyone since I haven't done anything yet in music

- What are your feelings about the years to come in the world of rap?

And I think we are in a period of artistic transition in France. The message of many different people will be able to be expressed (we are no longer in this lease of telling our experiences unless we come from a neighborhood) but that is not necessarily a good thing. But artistically it opens up and it just promises success of this kind to a greater number of people

Thanks to you ! It was a pleasure to talk with you, you can find his project and his networks here: