JMK$: The new face of Marseillaise Trap

JMK$ : Le nouveau visage de la Trap Marseillaise - HYTRAPE

JMK$, formerly known under the pseudonyms JAMKAIN$ and Bambino Caffè, is a Marseille rapper born August 7, 1995. A prominent member of the Summum Klan collective and son of the artist Akhenaton, he quickly established himself as an essential figure in the French alternative trap, particularly on the Soundcloud platform.

His career took off through collaborations with artists and collectives such as 8ruki, Rowjay and Lyonzon. These associations allowed JMK$ to make a name for himself in the French underground scene, where he attracted an increasingly large audience with his varied projects.

In 2020, JMK$ marked a turning point in his career with the release of the album “Dirty South”, produced in collaboration with beatmaker Jwel. This album was a notable success, bringing him increased visibility and consolidating his place in the French musical landscape.

On February 14, 2021, he released his eleventh project in association with fellow Summum Klan member Beamer. This project once again demonstrated the versatility and creativity of JMK$, who continues to explore different musical styles, ranging from trap to drill, including off beat.

JMK$ grew up between Marseille, Paris and Atlanta, and this cultural diversity is reflected in his music. Influenced by the Atlanta trap scene, he developed a unique style, mixing elements from different genres. His texts, often centered on egotrips, conquest and success, reveal a complex personality and an affirmed artistic vision.

Despite his family connection to Akhenaton, JMK$ chose to forge his own path in the music industry, managing his career independently. This approach demonstrates his desire for authenticity and his commitment to his art.

The Summum Klan, his group, has made a name for itself thanks to innovative projects and a marked presence on platforms like HauteCulture. Although the group hasn't released a project since 2019's "Blue Flame," the members continue to collaborate on their solo projects.

JMK$ has also been associated with the drill collective CZ8, but he seems to be moving away from this genre, preferring to leave drill to those who actually experience the realities depicted in this type of music. He favors collaborations with artists he considers sincere and talented, such as those of MoneyMakerClan, Lyonzon or 667.

His discography, rich and varied, testifies to his constant evolution and his ability to reinvent himself. After "Dirty South", he released "Magic City" with Beamer and "8Gang" with 8ruki in 2021, confirming his status as a versatile and innovative artist.

JMK$ is now positioned as a major player in the new wave of French-speaking rap, helping to establish the Southside as the new West Coast of the genre. With the recent release of his mixtape “Bad Boy Romance” on March 30, 2022, he continues to surprise and captivate his audience, announcing a promising future for this talented Marseille artist.