Today, we dive into the world of Jolagreen23, an emerging artist from Bois-Colombes, whose latest project "SEARCH & DESTRUCTION" promises to shake up the world of rap. JOLAGREEN23 emerges as the best Rookie of 2023.

A Rapper with Deep Roots

Originally from Bois-Colombes, Jolagreen23 quickly established himself on the French rap scene. Signed on the Blue Sky Label, he stood out during the Freestyle Booska Blue Part. 2, alongside other promising rappers. His arrogant voice and unique gimmicks made an impression upon the release of his first project, “23”, in March 2023.

Warrior collaboration with Kosei

In August, Jolagreen23 announced a joint project with beatmaker Kosei, called "888823". A bold mix of electronic sounds inspired by war game soundtracks.

JOLAGREEN23 has asserted its place in the rap game.

But it is with “SEARCH & DESTRUCTION” that he takes a new step.


On December 15, 2023, Jolagreen23 unveils “SEARCH & DESTRUCTION”, an album that explores various themes and collaborations. With titles like “12HEURES MINUIT” and “JOUR D” (featuring Wallace Cleaver), the album demonstrates impressive artistic diversity. Benny the Butcher appears on "OKC", adding an international dimension to the project.

Produced by a host of talents, including 256minaj, BBP, and Kosei himself, this album is an ode to excellence in music production.

The music video for “12 HOURS MINUIT”, directed by Alan Benoit , is a real success, which perfectly completes the listening experience.

Jolagreen23's lyrics reflect a keen intelligence and social awareness. Tracks like “GANGTAKA” and “JE CONNAIS LA PATIENCE” (still unreleased) promise to plunge listeners into a deep reflection on contemporary realities.

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