Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar unveils "Euphoria", a single in response to the tensions of rap

Kendrick Lamar dévoile "Euphoria", un single en réponse aux tensions du rap

Have you heard about Kendrick Lamar 's latest move?

The artist has just released a song that is causing quite a stir in the rap world. Entitled "Euphoria", this title arrives just after a series of musical clashes involving Drake, and we might as well tell you that Kendrick dots the i's.

"Euphoria" is six minutes long, a rather generous length that allows Kendrick to expand on his thoughts and tackle Drake's recent diss tracks head-on, including "Push Ups" and "Taylor Made Freestyle." This last piece was also removed from streaming platforms for a story of unauthorized use of artificial intelligence in relation to the legacy of 2Pac.

In “Euphoria,” Kendrick doesn’t mince his words. He talks about the impact of words on people, and how certain actions are glorified or distorted online for likes or digital approval. There is a verse where he clearly says: "I hate when I rap, I talk about guns, then somebody die. They turn it to nons', then hop online, like 'Pray for my city'." It's pretty strong, isn't it? He criticizes the way people react to tragic events on social media, often in a superficial manner.

The song becomes even more personal when it addresses J. Cole and Drake, calling them by their first names, and it does not fail to emphasize how heavy the crown can be to carry. It's clear that Kendrick still positions himself as a rap heavyweight, aware of the rivalries but also the friendships in the industry.

He also mentions artists like Lil Yachty and Sexyy Red, adding a touch of humor and lightness to certain passages, while teasing Drake about his nickname "The Boy" and questioning his maturity.

For the moment, "Euphoria" is not yet available on streaming platforms, but you can listen to it on YouTube. It's truly a track that shows Kendrick in top form, thoughtful but still ready to defend his place at the top.