Khali: The meteoric rise of a French rap prodigy leading up to his first concert at the Olympia

Khali: L'ascension fulgurante d'un prodige du rap français jusqu'à son premier concert à l'Olympia - HYTRAPE

Khali, the rising star of French rap, has captivated the public's attention with his introspective lines and his iconic baby voice. After the resounding success of his project "He doesn't look like me either" at the end of 2022, the artist announces a unique concert at the Olympia on May 22, 202 3 .

Let's embark on the world of this prodigy and discover how he managed to establish himself on the current music scene.

Born in Cenon, near Bordeaux, Khali began his career by recording his songs in his bedroom, with a simple Blue Yeti microphone. Showing unfailing determination and an unwavering desire to create, the artist developed a unique style which allowed him to gain notoriety. Khali's first productions, self-produced, reflect his talent as an author and performer, as well as his ability to work with distinguished producers such as Kosei and Idées Noires.

“Palmer Wild Story”, his first project released in June 2019, marked Khali’s first steps on the French-speaking scene. This seven-track mini-album quickly attracted a growing audience and allowed him to become known beyond the borders of his neighborhood. His next project, "Le Tournesol", a four-track EP, further expanded his audience, accumulating nearly 900,000 streams on Spotify to date.

In 2021, Khali released his debut album, "Laïla", which was praised by critics and audiences. This project, always carried out in self-production, consolidated his position as leader of the new generation of French rappers. His careful clips, with precise artistic directions, as well as his hard-hitting and melancholic pieces, testify to the extent of his musical palette. Subsequently, the artist released a two-track EP entitled "-21" in November 2021, demonstrating that he had no intention of slowing down.

On November 25, 2022, Khali unveiled "He doesn't look like me either", his second album, composed of 16 tracks with darker tones than his previous opus. This album, 40 minutes long, explores personal and introspective themes, such as pain, origins and consequences. The finesse of Khali's writing and his ability to express his emotions through his lyrics deeply touch the hearts of his listeners.

Today, with the announcement of his first concert at the Olympia, Khali reaches a major milestone in his career. On social networks, the artist declared: “You gave me a lot, I am sure of myself and of the show that we will present to you”. This unique date promises to be a milestone event in the career of this young talent, who has risen to the ranks of the big names in French rap in record time. The ticket office will open this Tuesday at 12 p.m., and we can expect a rush of fans eager to support their favorite artist.

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Khali's journey is a testament to his resilience, his perseverance and his ability to transform his trials into creative force. Despite modest starting material, he managed to forge his own talent and carry it forward, with the help of many artists around him.

Over the years, Khali has established himself as one of the emblematic figures of the new generation of French rap, often described as “new-wave”. He embodies this vibrant and passionate youth who shakes up established codes and explores new sounds, while remaining faithful to his roots and his artistic singularity.