KOSEI: The Marseille Producer Who Revolutionizes the French-speaking Scene

KOSEI : Le Producteur Marseillais Qui Révolutionne la Scène Francophone - HYTRAPE

Kosei, the Marseille producer who has established himself as an essential figure on the French-speaking rap scene. With his latest project "AI", he offers us an innovative and controversial musical experience. Let's dive into his world.

KOSEI: An Emerging Talent

Kosei began his career just four years ago and quickly made a name for himself through his collaboration with rappers Khali and La Fève. This young beatmaker played a crucial role in their rise, and his work is increasingly scrutinized and demanded. His EP “Kolaf” with La Fève, released in September 2020, was a real springboard for his career.

The New Project: “AI”

Kosei's latest project, "AI", is a collaboration with Khali and J9ueve. What particularly caught the attention was the cover of the EP, created using artificial intelligence.

But beyond this technological prowess, the EP is made up of two excellent tracks which once again demonstrate Kosei's talent. The project was mixed by Mhidiminuit and mastered by St_or_mix and ia00111, adding a touch of professionalism to the whole thing.

An Innovative Approach

Kosei is known for his innovative approach to beatmaking. He has no formal musical training, but his obsession with music led him to create four to five beats a day for a year. Inspired by artists like Pi'erre Bourne and Ponko, Kosei has developed a unique style that favors emotion and simplicity.

Aside from his producing skills, Kosei is also a versatile composer. He has explored varied genres, from soul to drill, and even produced a solo project, "Spooky Season", which features a range of artists from Malo to MadeInParis.

Kosei is undoubtedly an artist to follow. His latest project "AI" is further proof of his talent and ability to push the boundaries of music.

With high-profile collaborations and an innovative approach to beatmaking, Kosei is redefining what it means to be a producer in the modern music industry.