La Fève: The new leader of TRAP with his latest album “24”

La Fève : Le nouveau leader de la TRAP avec son dernier album "24" - HYTRAPE

As soon as it was released, “24”, La Fève’s latest album, sparked unprecedented enthusiasm.

Without any traditional promotion, this ambitious project achieved a record start for the 24-year-old artist, reaching 13,391 sales in just five days.

A notable feat in the current era, where streaming dominates, with 7,137 physical sales and 6,243 in streaming: A colossal impact, testifying to the fervent support of its community.

“24” was warmly received on social networks, the rapper from Fontenay-sous-Bois offering 20 new tracks to his fans, after a notable absence of almost two years since “Errr”.

This break allowed him to refine his music, to draw inspiration from the United States, particularly from Atlanta, an epicenter of rap. The album shines with its renowned collaborations, including Tiakola, Knucks, Yung LA and Zequin, reinforcing his status as a major figure in new generation rap.

The production quality on "24" reflects the talent of producers such as D1gri, Fakri Jenkins, FREAKEY!, Icey, Kosei, Louis Marguier, Lyele Gwapo, Mighty Max, Moon, Neophron, Ody (FRA), Rosaliedu38, Tarik Azzouz, ToddGleeFul, Tommy Parker and Zaytoven.

"24" is the result of a creation between Paris and Atlanta, reconciling the talents of Walone and the influence of American Trap.

La Fève was able to create a demanding, authentic work, recorded in the heart of the Atlanta rap scene, alongside figures such as Zaytoven.

The result ? A project steeped in the Trap aesthetic, with strong nods to American trap, and a touch of sophistication brought by Tarik Azzouz, a strong symbol of this cultural fusion.

Beyond the influences, “24” stands out for its demanding artistic approach. La Fève delivers technical but accessible rap, skillfully playing with autotune and preserving dynamic listening.

The album is characterized by a mixture of fast flow and precise placements, thus attracting a wide audience, from purists to fans of new releases.

In "24", La Fève navigates between pride and introspection, creating a poignant contrast between the fulfillment of an artistic dream and latent nostalgia.

He manages to express this duality without falling into cliché, reflecting a complex and authentic state of mind.

The Evolution of La Fève since its beginnings

La Fève's adventure in the world of rap began on Soundcloud.

A digital playground where his unique voice took flight. His first pieces, imbued with raw authenticity, quickly captured the attention of an audience thirsting for freshness in an often saturated musical landscape.

It was a period of pure experimentation, where each track was a try, a throw, a freely expressed dream.

By evolving into larger streaming platforms, La Fève has followed an ambitious journey.

He understood that to reach a wider audience, he needed to expand beyond the borders of Soundcloud. Collaborations played a crucial role in this phase, allowing him to merge his art with other influential voices in the French rap scene, such as Dundy and Styco.

These alliances were more than duets; they were exchanges, musical conversations where each artist brought their vision.

The Artistic Philosophy of the Bean: Form before Substance

In his music, La Fève has always favored form over substance.

His words are not just words; they are brushstrokes on a canvas of sound, creating an image that goes beyond literal meaning. Its themes, varied and deep, address subjects such as success and spirituality, but always through the prism of musicality and rhymes.

“ERRR”: A turning point in his career

With the release of ERRR, La Fève has reached a significant milestone. This project wasn't just a collection of songs; it was a declaration, an affirmation of his capacity to renew and adapt.

ERRR was an eclectic mix of styles, oscillating between melancholic introspection and raw energy. He has demonstrated an impressive mastery in the art of flow and songwriting, asserting his position as a well-rounded artist.

The “EMPTY THE BIN” Projects: A Journey into the creative laboratory of La Fève

La Fève has also explored new territories with his “EMPTY THE BIN” projects, a series of tracks shared exclusively on Soundcloud.

These works offered a fascinating insight into his creative process, his experiments, and his evolution as an artist. Each volume was a chapter in his artistic journey, an exploration of new musical territories.

La Fève is an artist in the fullest sense of the word. His music is a mix of rebellion, innovation and authenticity.

His journey, from his beginnings on Soundcloud to his most recent projects, is a testimony to his refusal to stagnate. He constantly redefines what it means to be an artist in the modern world of rap, bringing a piece of his soul, spirit and vision to each track.

La Fève is an innovator who will undoubtedly continue to surprise and inspire in the years to come.