The Rise of H JeuneCrack: A Look at 'Raw Material'"

L'Ascension de H JeuneCrack : Regard sur 'Matière Première'" - HYTRAPE

Originally from the South of France, he is now based in Paris. H JeuneCrack is a versatile artist who excels as a rapper, composer and sound engineer. He wrote, composed, mixed and mastered his first project "1er cycle" which he released on March 14, 2021. This project included six tracks, including a collaboration with his sidekick Nyluu.

In 2022, H JeuneCrack had a successful year, marked by the release of his “3rd cycle” project, numerous collaborations and a very popular freestyle session on Grünt. He was able to put himself in the spotlight thanks to his talent and hard work. In 2023, he returns with his first mixtape “Matière Première”, which promises to make noise.

A complete and confusing artist

H JeuneCrack is a complete and confusing artist. He is both a producer and a rapper, and he excels at both. His inspirations are diverse and give a particular color to his sounds. His productions perfectly show this eclecticism, with very rap pieces which have a little retro "vibes", others a little more innovative while keeping a certain grain, more ambient productions or even productions with a maximum of samples.

As a rapper, H JeuneCrack stands out for his punchliner profile. He connects the punchlines with writing that is sometimes a little pert, but above all filled with second degree, self-deprecation, as well as a lot of accuracy. The whole result is quite unique lyrics, sometimes a little cerebral and casual, with numerous rap references, but also other more diverse ones, ranging from football to physics and chemistry.

His style stands out for his way of posing, halfway between a sharp sense of rhythm and an assumed lightness. H JeuneCrack's voice is also rather characteristic.

She often seems a little jaded and nonchalant, like an Orelsan, with a few impurities, even a fragility, which give her this very special grain.

Very rare in the media, but also on his social networks, the little information we have about him is often limited to that found in his texts.

However, this media absence contrasts with its musical omnipresence. One of his first appearances on streaming platforms dates back to 2020, with the mixtape “Henny Summer Hits” from the Diamond League, a group he formed with other young artists like Nyluu and SknnyBoy. It is then from 2021 that he continues solo projects and collaborations.

“Matière Première”: H JeuneCrack’s latest project

“Matière Première” is H JeuneCrack’s latest project, an album that was released on May 26, 2023. It is a project that highlights H JeuneCrack’s talent not only as a rapper, but also as a producer . He worked with several other artists on this album, including Babyboo, Esone, Nocif, Sknny and Yalna.

The album includes several notable tracks, including "Comment ça s'happens?" and “Opal System”. “How’s it going?” is a song that asks questions about life and the way things happen. The lyrics are provocative and invite reflection.

“Opale Système” is another song from the album that features several artists, including Babyboo, Esone, Nocif, Yalna and Sknny. The lyrics of this song are also provocative and thought provoking, with lines like "I had a crazy beast, but I forgot to write it down. I meet a crackhead he asks if I have any pillz. I say if you want I have electric batteries. You don't understand, you're stupid. Bitch I have the fangs, soon I have the grillz. The sky is blue, the matter is gray . The System is Opal. Raw Material as if I were Total".

“Matière Première” is a project that shows H JeuneCrack’s versatility as an artist. He is able to create tracks that are both lyrically profound and musically captivating. This is an album worth listening to for anyone interested in contemporary French rap.

H JeuneCrack is an artist to follow closely. His media discretion contrasts with his musical omnipresence, and his talent is undeniable. Whether as a rapper or producer, he has stood out in the French rap landscape. With “Matière Première”, he confirms his status as a complete artist and promises great things for the future.