Planaway and Asmar's new electro-pop project promises a bright, organic vibe

Le nouveau projet électro-pop de Planaway et Asmar promet une ambiance lumineuse et organique - HYTRAPE

Beatmaker Planaway and emerging rapper Asmar have joined forces to create a musical project they describe as electronic pop with ambient and organic inspirations. Titled “Vraiment”, this EP promises to present a harmonious fusion of their respective talents.

Planaway met Asmar on Twitter, a fertile environment for creative collaboration, where Asmar had sent a model based on one of Planaway's productions. Their artistic complicity quickly emerged, their worlds and their visions finding themselves perfectly aligned. From then on, collaboration became a habit, leading them to this accomplished EP which reflects their joint efforts and their passion for sonic innovation.

According to Planaway, “Really” is a “very accomplished musically” work. It is an exploration of electronic pop, imbued with ambient and organic influences, where the listener is invited to immerse themselves in a sonic atmosphere that is both complex and immersive. The production was the result of an intense collaboration between Planaway and Meto, a process that proved to be both fun and challenging.

The EP's title, "Vraiment", was initially the title of the song "BleuE". However, this word was chosen to symbolize the entire project, because it well reflects the spirit of the two songs that compose it. It’s also, as Planaway notes, a “pretty word,” bringing a touch of poetic beauty to the EP’s name.

The EP is visually completed by a luminous cover, the result of collaborative work with Maxim1zer. After several versions and numerous revisions, the team finally chose a design evoking an electro atmosphere with bright colors, in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of the songs on the EP. Maxim1zer was able to bring his unique vision to best illustrate the two songs, creating a visual and auditory symbiosis.