The FR projects for this Friday, April 21 (NeS, Geeko, Tsew The Kid..)

Les projets FR de ce vendredi 21 avril (NeS, Geeko, Tsew The Kid..) - HYTRAPE

1. NeS – “IT WILL BE OK”

NeS has just released its new album entitled “ÇA VA ALLER” , composed of eight tracks for a total duration of 22 minutes.

The first extract from this album is the single entitled “LE SOURIRE D’UNE TOMBE” , released in early 2023, accompanied by a clip shot in the mountains directed by the TKSH duo composed of Arnaud Vieron and Jeremy Beaudet.

This album is a mixture of introspection, singularity, melancholy and authenticity. It features collaborations with the rapper's friends and collaborators, Yvnnis on “-94°C” and Deemax BR on “4X4” . The album's productions were provided by Brian, Planaway, Meto, RestonsFlex, Lil Chick and Poivre Blanc.

NeS has captivated his audience with his unique style and his deep and moving lyrics. His new album “ÇA VA ALLER” is a real invitation to discover his musical universe. Fans will be able to immerse themselves in this musical work and discover the artistic collaborations that made this album so rich.

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Geeeko, the Belgian rapper, is back with his first album, “PEINE 333” , after the success of two EPs. The project is described as ambitious and introspective, exploring themes of dreams and disillusionment.

Geeeko's adaptability is evident in his name, as he navigates the rap scene by “toughening up among the hyenas ,” as he expresses it in this new project.

Throughout the album, Geeeko oscillates between his two facets, which sometimes overlap. Chuki Beats and Skar's production ranges from airy to dark and sometimes club-oriented. The album also features Tawsen on the languorous “WHERE I GO” and 94 Cinco on the atmospheric “Traphouse” .

With his first album, Geeeko consolidates his position as one of the most promising artists on the Belgian rap scene.

The album cover depicts the artist's head emerging from the water, symbolizing his emergence as a rapper and becoming a trusted name in the industry. Fans will be able to see Geeeko present “PEINE 333” at the Sneakers Café in Brussels on Friday evening during the release party.

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Tsew The Kid is an independent French artist, known for his chill, lo-fi style of music, mixing jazz and soul samples with hip-hop beats.

He began posting his music on YouTube in 2017 and quickly gained popularity thanks to his melancholic, introspective flow as well as his poetic French lyrics. In addition to his musical career,

The artist is also a talented illustrator and often creates his own visuals for his musical projects.

Rapper Tsew The Kid returns this week with his new EP “DEUXIÈME CHANCE” , containing 3 tracks produced by the brilliant beatmakers: Guapo du Soleil, Tenma, Jeoffrey Dandy and Broky Flacko.

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“LE BLEU A DES YEUX” is a unique album of its kind, designed to unite and highlight different artists and musical styles, while advocating plurality and artistic diversity.

The album is a true ode to discovery and musical wonder, inspired by the moment when we discover new music and become hypnotized, eyes closed, immersed in nocturnal dreams.

This album is the result of an ambitious project, which brought together 18 artists, graphic designers, illustrators and 3D artists to create an immersive visual and auditory experience. Without imposing a precise artistic direction, Rêves gave carte blanche to each artist to express the best of their music and their unique side, thus creating a true fusion of talents and styles.

The cover of the album, representing hypnotic blue, perfectly symbolizes the listening experience of “LE BLEU A DES YEUX” where the listener is immersed in a captivating musical universe, eyes closed, giving free rein to their imagination and his emotions.

“LE BLEU HAS EYES” is a sensory and artistic journey, a celebration of musical plurality and diversity, as well as an ode to discovery, wonder and artistic expression.

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“INITIUM FINIS” is a collaborative musical project carried out by three friends, Strike, Veniz, and myself, with the aim of offering a new vision of French rap. We wanted to create a small musical earthquake in the hearts of those who could listen to it, thanks to innovative productions and my unique way of posing.

The project is very important to me, because I did not design it only for my personal enjoyment, but also so that all music lovers can have fun and enjoy the moment, escaping from everyday reality.

The other goal is to make you want to dance, to swing, with a touch of jazz, which I aspire to develop in the long term, in addition to rap, to bring a renewal to French music.

My main inspirations for the project are Tomoko Aran, Manu Dibango and Kendrick Lamar. I think these artists have integrated my musical vision and my creative approach, bringing a personal touch and a certain originality to their work.

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Born to musician parents, URDE grew up between Auvergne, Switzerland and Belgium where he studied sound engineering, this cultural background allowing him to refine a rich, sincere and careful sound which he reveals through a new EP Making waves on April 19 .

In her womb she sang Nero, you surprise me I have dreams where the city is on fire”

URDE is a passionate rapper/songwriter making music for passionate people. On Make Waves we find varied sounds, he borrows from jersey, trap or even current Detroit rap to let his unique pen run wild. Paying particular attention to the choice of words, work on samples and tasteful rap, URDE offers an authentic and sensitive sound that hits hard, where it touches the heart and the guts.

“We like rapping, they like hits” (...) “It spits well in the speaker, I’m in heaven”

It is with this voice that is a little broken, high-pitched and slightly tinged with pain that he produces music that brings hope, highlighting simple things while speaking with finesse about the small and big pains that affect everyone.

“Violence is hard to see when it’s normal for you”

With the creation of its label “Now or Never” in reference to the song by the legendary Fonky Family and the X-Men, URDE is preparing to release its new EP Make waves on April 19 , a first step revealing the evolution of his music.

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Often alternating between a moving poetic intention and an astonishing musical creativity, Diem & Elioi offer singular and personal music, they free themselves from musical genres to create their music, ranging from electronic music to the French neo rap scene, including of Indie Pop, offering a unique character to each of its titles.

Diem excels both in rhymes and in interpretation, to his writing rich in images he adds an almost theatrical interpretation. The themes covered are intimate, he addresses his self-esteem problems, his addictions, or even his relational disappointments that he experiences throughout his life.

The Diem's ​​words are well supported by Elioi's productions, which establish a cold and solemn atmosphere. The omnipresence of synthesizers and textures, the constant evolution of the productions as well as the work on the arrangement, immerse the listener in an experience from which he never wants to escape.

Diem & Elioi embodies a studious fringe of music through the importance given to texts and interpretation, counterbalanced by modernist and ambitious productions, which will delight listeners.

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