Triplego's musical exploration: 'When you leave'

L'exploration musicale de Triplego : 'Quand tu partiras' - HYTRAPE

With a musical career that spans more than a decade, Triplego has stood out in the French rap landscape thanks to his unique style and creative approach to music. The duo, made up of rapper Sanguee and beatmaker Momo Spazz, have carved out a place for themselves in the world of rap thanks to their distinctive style, blending varied influences to create music that is both soaring and deeply rooted in reality .

Their album “When you leave”, released on June 9, 2023, is a demonstration of their talent and their ability to create music that resonates with their audience. The album includes tracks like "Marbella", "Marghrebiya", "Pure", "BB VEU UN THUG", "Life", "Jnoun", "Humilité", and "Stone". Each song is an exploration of different themes and emotions, with lyrics that are both poetic and realistic.

Triplego is known for his unique style that mixes rap with elements of electronic music and other genres. Their music is often described as trippy, but with a heaviness that makes it deeply grounded in reality. Their use of Auto-tune, for example, is used not to add warmth or emotion to the vocals, but to dehumanize it and counterbalance the rhythm of the production, making the flow more linear and leveled.

Their approach to music is also influenced by their life experience and their environment. Originally from Montreuil, they began making music together after spending many years discussing their respective musical influences. Their music is often described as being a reflection of their life experience, with lyrics that speak to the reality of life in the suburbs and the challenges they faced.

In addition to their music, Triplego is also known for their commitment to their artistic independence. They created their own label, TWAREG, and bought their music catalog to ensure they maintain ownership of their work. This has allowed them to maintain control of their music and continue to create music that is true to their artistic vision.