Lyre launches 'Thank you, I know how to get lost': an EP rich in emotions

Lyre lance 'Merci, j'sais m'perdre' : un EP riche en émotions - HYTRAPE

Release scheduled for October 13: an EP under the sign of melancholy and affirmation

After the single entitled "Saisons" released in September, which was very well received, Lyre returns with a new EP called "Merci, j'sais m'perdre". This project is an opportunity for the young artist to show that music is not a simple game for him, but a form of emancipation and communication.

A collaborative project

For this new EP, Lyre surrounded himself with Deemax and Yvnnis as collaborators. The result is an intriguing mix of techno and melancholic balladry. The two featuring artists each contribute in their own way to enrich the soundscape of the EP, providing complementarity to Lyre's already obvious talent.

A multi-faceted artist

Lyre shines as much for his rap as for his singing, an artistic duality which is reflected in titles like the soaring “SKIT” or the grandiose “Saisons”. He uses words as a “last chance to be understood”, to use his own words. In this EP, he expresses himself through a melancholy that characterizes him, while affirming that music is his only option.

Authenticity and independence

What stands out above all from the “Thank you, I know how to get lost” project is the authenticity of Lyre. Despite a certain solitude in his relationship to creation, he knows how to surround himself and fully assumes his identity and his art. As he states in the project's introduction, he "doesn't have a plan B" and "doesn't need anyone to take charge."


Lyre has also just announced its first solo date in Paris, at the FGO Barbara. This will be an opportunity for his fans to discover this new EP live and to delve into his unique universe. Given the success of his first single and the enthusiasm around this new project, the rest promises to be exciting.