Mairo: The New Voice of Swiss Rap, A look at 'Omar Chappier'

Mairo : La Nouvelle Voix du Rap Suisse, Regard sur 'Omar Chappier' - HYTRAPE

Omar Chappier, A new chapter for the artist

Rapper Mairo is gearing up to unveil a brand new project titled "Omar Chappier", set for release on May 19, 2023. Known for his creativity and originality, Mairo has collaborated with a number of talented artists and producers for this album. Guests include H JeuneCrack, Nes and Wallace Cleaver, who will certainly bring great diversity to the entire project. The production of the album is handled by 5bobble, Arturo, H JeuneCrack, among others, while Mairo himself takes care of the writing. The visual of the album was entrusted to Dexter Maurer, a choice which promises an artistic and intriguing cover. The clip, produced by Paul Nespolo and directed by Metanoia, should give another dimension to the music. Recorded at Studio LE8, the album was mastered by IA00111 and mixed by $CO (CHE). Makeup for the music video was done by Carla Mossaz, adding a finishing touch to the project. “Omar Chappier” is produced by Monde Libre, a sign that Mairo continues to chart his own path in the rap industry.

Mairo, The new voice of Swiss rap

Emerging from the Geneva underground, Mairo is making a name for himself in the world of French-speaking rap. Only a few years into the game, this Swiss rapper has already demonstrated a creativity and lyrical skill that sets him apart. Right now, he is the subject of our attention as we delve into his promising career.

First, we must note Mairo's discography. He released his first album "95 monde libre" in 2020, followed by his EP "Rougemort" in 2021. In 2023, he collaborated with Slimka on the EP "Qui a stole the sun?"​. Each of these releases demonstrated a progression in his artistry, moving from a young rhyming prodigy to an established artist.

His creative process is a mix of early morning introspection and long hours spent perfecting his lyrics. Mairo works mainly in his home studio, which he set up himself, thanks to the money he saved during his studies. This configuration allows him to create as he wishes, giving free rein to his creative spirit.

Mairo started making music at the age of 13 or 14, recording in a friend's basement in Geneva. Since then, he has developed a style that does not hesitate to venture into new territories. In an interview, he revealed that he actively explores different musical styles, going so far as to attempt Jersey with its fast rhythms, heavy bass and staccato intruders.

On April 21, 2023, Mairo made his comeback with the single "Nouvelle Script". This song represents a new stage in his career. It features sharp lyrics, quality production and references to groups like Sexion d'Assaut and Ärsenik ​.

The production of “Nouvelle Script” was carried out by 5bobble, a young beatmaker from Toulouse with whom Mairo had already collaborated on the track “Rap Mag”​​. The single uses a repetition of the same melody, with several elements that add variation to the production.

Mairo is a talent to watch. His dedication to his art, his attention to detail and his desire to explore new musical territories position him as a rising force in French-speaking rap. As he continues to release new music and expand his audience, we can't wait to see where his musical journey takes him.