Meel B: The Silent Architect of French Rap

Meel B : L'Architecte Silencieuse du Rap Français - HYTRAPE

Meel B, a young producer from Rouen, made her debut in the world of beatmaking in 2019. Encouraged by a friend, she quickly took a liking to musical creation. In 2020, she released her debut EP, "Winter's over?", on her SoundCloud page, marking the start of her professional career.

A Woman in a Man's World

Rap is often seen as a male-dominated genre, but Meel B proves that talent has no gender.

She doesn't want to be known as a "female producer"; she wants to be known as a producer, period. And she doesn't need to justify her place in the industry; his work speaks for itself.

After its first success, Meel B wasted no time. She continued to collaborate with various artists such as La Fève, MadeInParis and Zinée. His second EP, “S&S,” was released in 2021, cementing his place in the industry.

The First Great Placement

The same year, she got her first high-profile placement with Khali's "Sans Fear".

This was a turning point, not only for her but also for Khali, as the title was well received.

This initial success opened the door to other collaborations, notably with MadeInParis and Zinée.

For Meel B, production is not just about technique; it is also a question of philosophy.

She does not try to follow trends or copy the hits of the moment. She wants to create something unique, something that bears her signature.

And this approach seems to work. Artists come to her, attracted by her originality and vision.

A Marker in his Career

The year 2022 was particularly significant for Meel B. Her collaborative EP "Dirty Synths and Nice Bars", created in partnership with Irko , was an important milestone.

This EP introduced new sounds to the emerging French-speaking scene, influencing many artists.

Meel B has a diverse discography that includes titles like "BAS MONDE" with La Fève, "IT'S 2AM AND I MISS YOU" with TIF, and "ᚷ. INSPIRED BY REAL FACTS #6" with Beendo Z.

She also produced solo tracks like "M2", "Online Game", and "Boogie".

The Artistic Vision

What sets Meel B apart is his ability to create beats that are both innovative and in tune with current trends.

She doesn't just follow the crowd; she seeks to create something unique, something that bears her own signature.

Meel B is a force to be taken into account in the world of French rap. With an already impressive career and growing influence, she is well on her way to becoming a notable figure on the French music scene.

The future looks bright for this young producer, and it will be interesting to see where her talent and vision take her.