New album from Metro Boomin and Future 'WE STILL DON'T TRUST YOU'

Nouvel album de Metro Boomin et Future 'WE STILL DON'T TRUST YOU' - HYTRAPE

Metro Boomin and Future, an essential duo in the rap game, recently released their second joint album entitled "We Still Don't Trust You". Succeeding their first project "We Don't Trust You" released a few weeks earlier, this ambitious project of 25 tracks spread over two discs confirms the artistic chemistry that links these two artists.

“We Still Don’t Trust You” clocks in at approximately 1.5 hours, demonstrating both artists’ desire to offer a complete album experience to their listeners.

Beyond the duration, it is above all the diversity of the sounds explored that is striking. If rap and trap remain the foundations of their music, Metro Boomin and Future do not hesitate to venture into more pop and synthetic territories, while maintaining a refined production.

This stylistic evolution is reflected in particular by the presence of featuring with artists like The Weeknd, J. Cole, A$AP Rocky and even Lil Baby.

A true sequel to their first joint project, "We Still Don't Trust You" confirms that Metro Boomin and Future form one of the most inspired and complementary duos in current rap.