Planaway: Interview with a promising young beatmaker

Planaway : Entretien avec un jeune beatmaker prometteur - HYTRAPE

Beatmaker Planaway has just released his debut project titled “First Meeting,” featuring rappers NeS, Yvannis Aamo and others. The mixture of each person's styles and musical influences creates a unique musical cohesion. This project marks the start of a new stage for Planaway, who is already establishing himself as a very promising beatmaker on the FR rap scene.

To start, can you introduce yourself?

I'm a 19 year old beatmaker and I've been producing for 4/5 years. At the beginning I started with more electro tracks, I evolved in the soundcloud community which we called “future beat”. They were electronic and trap productions pushed to their maximum which are very technical. I experimented a lot until I found my artistic paste. From the beginning, I wanted to make sound that didn't sound like the others, you can find much more experimental sounds on my soundcloud. Today I work with artists, rappers. My goal is to bring my dough back into this world. I deal a lot with guys like NeS, yvnnis. You can find my investments in their projects!

You started making compositions very young, how did you get started?

I have loved music since I was little. I started in this field with launchpad covers of music that I liked. Then I wanted to learn to compose myself, I was initially on Ableton then I moved to FL Studio.

How did she connect with NeS & Yvnnis?

At first it was with NeS, we started working together, making sound. We got along well, humanly and musically it was a good match. He was working on his project LA COURSE, and that's where PUSHKA was created. Then naturally we also started making sound with YV and all the other guys in the entourage.

- Are there any beatmakers with whom you collaborate regularly? And which rapper would you like to collaborate with?

Yes, I collaborate a lot with Meto and Louis Marguier who are very good friends but also very good producers! We work a lot through discord but we try to see each other more often to make live sound! I would like to collaborate with artists who have their own universe, regardless of their notoriety, just guys that I like. I can cite Mairo, Irk o or Femtogo.

- What are your influences and inspirations when you compose?

I could say my influences are the guys I work with, we all give each other ideas and push each other up.

- For connoisseurs, what is your VST that you use the most?

I use a lot of vst, especially for mixing to give my products an identity. The main ones are thermal, ott and other secret sauce ;)

- If you had to make a top 3 of your favorite rappers? Who would it be?

I don't like to rank rappers, it's not a competition. Everyone has their own universe, their own style and their own mastery. I like to listen to a lot of different rappers without worrying about which one is my favorite, I just enjoy good music!

Do you have any advice to give to someone who wants to get into beatmaking?

If I had to give advice for everyone starting out in beatmaking it would be that you don't have to make productions to get them placed, you have to make productions to make good productions and the placements will come naturally afterwards. Furthermore, one of the most important things in my opinion is to make music that stands out, there's no point in starting productions to do like this or that. It takes time but you have to develop your dough, experiment without worrying about the opinions of others.

What are your feelings about the years to come in the world of beatmaking and composition in general? Do you think AI will play an important role?

I think beatmakers will be more and more highlighted in the years to follow. This scene will rise at the same time as the rappers. Beatmakers often have a different vision from artists and which is often very good so you have to trust us! For AI I don't think it will play a role at all. Music is art and it's made to convey feelings and it's playing with feelings so I think humans will always remain above robots in this area.

- Do you already have ideas for your next project?

FIRST MEETING It's been more than a year of work, I'm of course planning not to stop there and I already have the idea of ​​working on a second project. However, I'm still going to take some time to recharge my batteries a little! I've been 100% focused on my project lately so I haven't diversified my musical activities. Maybe I'll focus a little on working with my guys on some sounds before starting a new one.
But I still have some ideas for the next step!

Thanks Planaway for the interview! It was a pleasure talking with you! You can listen to his project here: