RM unveils his solo album "Right Place, Wrong Person"

RM dévoile son album solo "Right Place, Wrong Person"

RM, the charismatic leader of BTS, returns with his second solo album, “Right Place, Wrong Person”. This 11-track album, which lasts barely 35 minutes, was released about a year and a half after his first solo project, "Indigo". And frankly, what a slap! RM has taken a 180 degree turn from his previous album, and it's for the better.

Each track on “Right Place, Wrong Person” shows a new side of RM. For example, tracks like “Nuts” and “Out of Love” take us on a sonic exploration of psychedelic, alternative and even old school hip-hop. And if you have a weakness for progressive jazz and soul/R&B, the collaborations with Little Simz on "Domodachi" and with Moses Sumney on "Around the World in a Day" will delight you. RM proves once again that at 29 years old, he is a musical force to be reckoned with.

And that's not all. He even tackles rock-rap on “Groin”, a very punchy track where he responds to his detractors. Then, he continues with ethereal sounds on “Heaven”, a frantic pop beat on “LOST!” and subtle but rich R&B on “Credit Roll.” The album ends on a high note with "Come Back to Me", a previously released single, which begins softly acoustically and explodes into an indie pop anthem about the cyclical nature of life.

Honestly, “Right Place, Wrong Person” is a real gem. RM takes us on a captivating sonic journey and shows that he is much more than just a boy band leader. He deserves to be discovered by those who don't yet know him by his real name, Kim Namjoon.