'Rocket Power': Quavo's emotional tribute to Takeoff

"Rocket Power" : L'hommage émotionnel de Quavo à Takeoff - HYTRAPE

Quavo, already well established in the music industry, recently unveiled "Rocket Power", his second studio album. This release comes after his October 2022 collaborative project with the late Takeoff, “Only Built For Infinity Links.” This is a significant milestone for the artist, as it is his first solo project since 2018's "QUAVO HUNCHO."

A title full of meaning

The title of the album, "Rocket Power", is much more than just a name. It pays homage to Takeoff, sometimes nicknamed "The Rocket". This metaphor is all the more poignant when we know that the rockets "take off" from the Earth, echoing Takeoff's stage name. The tragic loss of Takeoff, Quavo's nephew, deeply affected the latter. Having witnessed Takeoff's demise firsthand, Quavo was deeply affected, which is evident throughout the album.

The genesis of the album

In a heartfelt message, he said: "This album is for the Rocket, our true fans and it's also my therapy." He goes on to describe the album as a true reflection of his current emotions, oscillating between joy, sadness, disappointment and resilience. Despite the challenges, Quavo always finds the strength to get back up, inspired by "Rocket Power." He firmly believes that this album will help his fans overcome their own challenges, just like it did for him.

The inspiration behind “Rocket Power” is deeply personal. Quavo explains that the album embodies all of his emotions and that he learned to turn tragedy into triumph during his healing process. He thanks his fans for their patience and unwavering support. But the heart of the message lies in his commitment to his family and the memory of Takeoff, nicknamed "Rocket". He emphasizes the importance of perpetuating the "Rocket" name, saying that is their main mission. The album credits reveal close collaboration with many artists and producers, including Future, Hunxho, Baby Drill, and a team of talented producers. The album is distributed by Universal Music Group and bears the labels Capitol Records, Motown Records and Quality Control.

Promotion and postponement

On July 21, 2023, Quavo revealed the official trailer for the album, announcing its release on August 4, 2023. A week later, he shared a video chat with his fans, describing the inspiration behind the album . However, a few days later, he announced that the album's release would be postponed until August 25, without giving a specific reason.

In the week leading up to the album's release, Quavo ramped up promotion with licensing cards featuring the album's collaborations, including with Future, Hunxho, Baby Drill, and renowned producers such as Murda Beatz and BNYX®.

Behind the scenes of “Rocket Power”: Focus on the album credits

Quavo's album "Rocket Power" is the result of an extensive collaboration between several artists, producers and music industry professionals. Here is a detailed overview of the credits for this opus:

  • Phonographic Rights : These rights are held by Quality Control, Motown Records, Capitol Records, among others. These labels are recognized for their major contribution to the music industry, supporting many renowned artists.

  • Distributor : Universal Music Group, one of the world's music giants, is in charge of the distribution of "Rocket Power".

  • Main Artists : Quavo is of course at the heart of this album, but it also comes with notable collaborations with Future and Takeoff.

  • Featuring : The album benefits from the participation of Baby Drill, Future, Hunxho, among others, adding richness and diversity to the entire project.

  • Producers : A wealth of talent contributed to the production, including Aldae, Alex Lustig and Al Geno, among a long list of 31 producers.

  • Authors : The depth of the lyrics is the result of the work of talented writers like Aldae, Alex Lustig, Al Geno, and 37 others.

  • A&R : Brandra Ringo and Liz Isik played a crucial role as artistic directors, serving as liaison between the artist and the record label.

  • A&R Administration : Liz Isik and Todd Sullivan oversaw administrative aspects, ensuring everything ran smoothly.

  • Additional Vocals : NORE and Takeoff lent their voices to enrich certain tracks.

  • Sound Engineers : The album benefited from the mixing skills of Anthony Vilchis, Trey Station and Zach Pereyra, while Colin Leonard handled the mastering. DJ Durel, Manny Marroquin and Quavo himself also contributed to the mix.

  • Labels : Capitol Records, Motown Records and Quality Control are the main labels behind this album, supporting Quavo in his artistic vision.

  • Recording Engineer : Quavo also played an active role as a recording engineer, emphasizing his deep involvement in every step of the creation of "Rocket Power."

Quavo's album "Rocket Power" is more than just a collection of tracks: it's an introspective work, a poignant tribute and a bold artistic statement. Through this opus, Quavo not only shares his music, but he offers us a glimpse into his soul, his pains and his hopes. The tragic loss of Takeoff, his nephew, is the common thread of this album, transforming each note into an echo of their relationship and their complicity. The rich and varied collaborations, as well as the support of a leading technical and artistic team, allowed Quavo to bring his vision to life. “Rocket Power” is a powerful reminder of music’s ability to heal, unite and inspire, making this album a memorable milestone in Quavo’s career.