Rookie Magazine Presents “Amplitude Thermique”: A Multi-Artist Mixtape That Plays With Temperatures

Rookie Magazine Présente "Amplitude Thermique" : Une Mixtape Multi-Artistes Qui Joue Avec les Températures - HYTRAPE

Today, I'm delighted to tell you about a musical project that is truly out of the ordinary. This is the mixtape “Amplitude Thermique” by Rookie Magazine, a digital media which aims to highlight young talents who are still unknown. And believe me, this mixtape is a real gem!

One Mission, Several Concepts

Rookie Magazine doesn't just highlight artists; it also develops innovative concepts and projects to promote these talents. The goal of this mixtape is to bring together artists with different sounds around an original idea: thermal amplitude. This concept aims to highlight the specificities and personalities of each artist.

An Immersive Experience

The project offers an immersive experience to the listener. You will start in a freezing and oppressive atmosphere (-80°), gradually rising to a scorching and stifling atmosphere (+80°), passing through a more reassuring and comfortable phase (-20° > +20°). The introduction is performed by the singer Illa, who invites you to pay particular attention to your sensations while listening.

Project Actors

To carry out this experiment, Rookie Magazine selected 13 artists who they consider to be the most promising of their generation. The prelude is produced by Mehdi Maïzi, the French "Head of Hip-Hop", who gives his vision of the Rookies and their importance for the vitality of Hip-Hop.

13 Unreleased Tracks

The mixtape includes 13 unreleased tracks that will take you from the coldest to the hottest. Each piece is a step in this thermal odyssey, and I'm sure you'll love every minute of this experience.

Technical Details

The cover of the mixtape is produced by @cielnoir_. The project was led by a team of passionate project managers, including Rayan Guennadi, Nathan Lavoye, Mila Nejim and Rémi Haribi.

“Amplitude Thermique” is more than just a mixtape; it's a musical experience that will make you feel a whole range of sensations. So, are you ready to let yourself be carried away by this thermal adventure? The mixtape will be released on September 22, and I'm sure it will get a lot of attention.

Feel free to share your thoughts and stay tuned for the official release! See you soon for new musical discoveries.