Rounhaa: Rap & Melancholy

Rounhaa : Rap & Mélancolie - HYTRAPE
Rounhaa, real name Aarone Latif , is a French-Swiss artist who was born in 2000 in Lille, France. Coming from a family with Moroccan and Martinican roots, he grew up immersed in the sounds of Kery James and Lino, profoundly influencing his musical direction. At the age of 15, he moved to Switzerland, marking the start of a new era in his life and musical career.

Musical and Educational Evolution

Rounhaa began making a name for herself in the music world with her first self-produced productions on Soundcloud. Despite family restrictions preventing him from listening to music until he was 12, he immersed himself in the artistic world, studying haute couture and applied arts. These experiences enriched his artistic vision, allowing him to merge different arts in his musical projects.

Career and Musical Projects

  • First Albums :

    • Multiver (2018): A daring first album mixing various musical styles.
    • Yeratik (2019): Project imbued with sacred and Egyptian themes.
    • Horion (2020): Marked by strong singles like “Chromatyk” and “R sans R”.
  • Flagship Album - Möbius (2022) :

    • Under the umbrella of Disiz's Sublime label, "Möbius" is a sophisticated blend of trap, electro, pop and plug music.
    • Collaborations with artists such as Gio, J9ueve, and Khali enriched the album.
    • Themes like love, introspection and melancholy are explored in depth.

Rounhaa is known for his self-taught approach to music, being involved in creating his own productions. He excels in writing, masterfully handling alliteration, assonance and metaphors. His varied musical influences range from Tyler, The Creator to Laylow and Makala, including Guizmo and Youssoupha. He also stands out for his unique visuals, using metaphorical images and careful aesthetics to express his emotions.

Rounhaa's music is a form of introspective therapy. He addresses personal subjects without feeling sorry for himself, showing notable maturity despite his young age.

Although he deals with painful subjects such as romantic breakups and betrayals, he does so with a lucidity and a distance which testify to his strength of character. He also does not shy away from tackling social topics such as racism, reflecting his origins and personal experiences.

Rounhaa quickly became an artist recognized for his originality and quality in the Swiss and French rap landscape. His refusal to use drugs and promote a healthy lifestyle sets him apart in an environment often criticized for its excesses. Through his texts which talk about him, his feelings and his life, with a touch of egotrip, he has created a unique bond with his audience.